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‘Hit and run’ cases Truck drivers’ strike in protest against imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine of Rs 7 lakh followed talks with the government and assurances that the law would be implemented after discussions and suggestions from the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC). It ended due to the agreement reached upon its implementation. With the end of the truck drivers’ strike, the situation started becoming normal and the common people got relief.

Clarifying the situation regarding the ‘Hit and Run’ law, the Central Government said that the maximum punishment of 10 years will be imposed only on those people who prefer to run away after the accident instead of helping the victims or informing the police. Government officials have also said that the new provisions have been made in compliance with the Supreme Court order. The apex court has directed that there should be legal strictness in ‘hit and run’ cases, so that people understand their responsibility towards road accidents.

An officer said that if a driver hits a person or vehicle, he is expected to inform the police or take the victim to the hospital. Strictest action will not be taken against such drivers. According to the Code, if someone’s life is lost as a result of dangerous and negligent driving and the guilty driver does not inform the police officer or magistrate, then he can be imprisoned for up to 10 years depending on the circumstances. Describing the apprehensions of the truck operators as misleading, the officer said that if the driver feels that stopping at the accident spot may lead to an attack, then he can go to the police station and inform. Or you can call the police or inform on toll free emergency helpline number 108. In these cases drivers only have to inform the police.

The government’s argument of making a law on the instructions given by the Supreme Court is correct, but the problem is that when a serious accident occurs, it does not happen only due to the negligence of the driver. Sometimes this also happens due to road conditions and absence of traffic signs. The condition of the main roads in the country and the roads in the states is not what it should be even today. The condition of roads within cities is at best bad. Small and old roads and increasing number of vehicles have made the situation worse. The number of deaths due to road accidents in the country is worrying due to weak infrastructure and careless drivers. It is not appropriate to put pressure on drivers only to reduce accidents.

Central and state governments should install appropriate number of cameras on the roads, set speed limits and enforce them strictly. Monitor the falling standards of driving schools and first cancel the driving license of the drunk driver for some time. If the driver is caught drinking and driving two or three times, then cancel his license.
If the driver stops at the spot of an accident and the crowd beats him, sometimes a life-threatening situation arises. In such a situation, what action will be taken against those who attack the driver and how much compensation will be given to the driver’s family, all this should be clear under the law. Mainly the infrastructure should be strong and a national level campaign should be run to make people aware about traffic rules.

Education about traffic rules and duties should be given at the school level itself. Till date the people of the country have not taken road accidents seriously, the basic reason for this is that till date both the government and the drivers have not taken the traffic rules and duties seriously. As a result, breaking traffic laws has become a habit of life, now to get rid of this habit, both the government and the society will have to find a way together.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu).

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