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of this year 2022 The low selection of Sikh candidates among officers selected for central services has raised concerns among many who love the community. Out of a total of 933 persons elected, only five Sikh representatives are elected from across the country. Other Punjabis are also not equal to salt in flour. Of these, two contestants of the first category, coming at number 11 and 191, are from Jammu and Kashmir. In this way Punjab and Punjabi Sikhs have become lazy in bureaucracy. The Punjabis and Sikhs who were seen in large numbers in the central services before the start of the Crusades are now disappearing from the bureaucracy.

There are three pillars of any democracy, legislature, bureaucracy and judiciary. It is also necessary to discuss about the legislature which makes policies for the country and society and the judiciary. Before independence, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru had promised that an area would be created in the northern part of independent India where Sikhs would be able to enjoy freedom. At that time Shiromani Akali Dal was also a partner of Congress in the freedom movement. When it came to making a state on the basis of language while looking for the joy of independence, Punjab did not get the right, but Punjabi was taught in some form or the other in the entire province and all Punjabis also spoke because most of the chief ministers were related to today’s Punjab. In which Mr. Gopichand Bhargava, Mr. Bhimsen Sachar, S. Pratap Singh Kairon, Com. Ramkishan, Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir etc. Although Shiromani Akali Dal was successful in forming the first government in PAPSU, but even after joining PAPSU in Punjab, M.L.A. did not keep the number of In the year 1952, 19 M.L.A in PAPSU and 13 M.L.A in Punjab. Belonged to Shiromani Akali Dal. In the year 1957, the Akali Dal along with the Congress contested elections on a single symbol and in the year 1962, 16 Akali MLAs were elected in Punjab. Only used to live. During this period, no major work was done for the future development of the youth, but due to peace and tranquility, Punjabi youth have been selected in the government machinery.

Due to the presence of Shiromani Akali Dal in the division of Punjab on the front of Punjabi province, whenever the anti-Congress government was formed, the Chief Minister was made by Shiromani Akali Dal, but this situation limited the scope of Punjabi language. Because of this, Punjabis living in other states have to struggle till today to study Punjabi. The Akali Dal was able to form the government in 1985 and 1997 by winning 75 seats on its own due to the communal damage done by the crusade front and the atrocities on the Sikhs. But the struggle of the Punjabi province, which did not yield anything to Punjab or the common Punjabis, the massacres during this period diverted the attention of the legislators from the education and betterment of the Punjabi youth. For this reason, the representatives sitting in the Vidhansabha did not make any long term policy for the educational and economic development of the youth.

Till 2022, all the people’s representatives sitting in the Vidhansabha were Punjabis, but now the expatriates have also been elected. Today the situation is such that the Sikh majority area, which is also the birthplace of the Khalsa Panth, has a Chief Minister who probably feels ashamed to put a lion behind his name. Don’t know whether he believes in Sikhism or not? Even after terrorism, since 2002, they have no time to look and think about the future of the Punjabi youth, while playing the noorakushti of filing pamphlets, patronizing drugs, smuggling, land mafia, sand mafia, liquor mafia. Thus Punjabis and Sikhs are disappearing from the Legislature, Bureaucracy and Judiciary among Sikhs and Punjabis. The reason for the disappearance of Sikhs from government and statutory institutions is the setback to peace in Punjab for the last 43 years. Here politics has been happening on burning pyres, no work is seen from the leaders to prepare Punjabi and Sikh youths to touch heights in the next phase of life. The third thing is about the judiciary. The principle of Guru Vani is – Jag Gyani Virla Achari (Part 412), the mentality of any community and religion cannot be understood by reading books only. So how can Sikh problems be decided according to their sentiments, if no one who follows that religion is sitting in the courts. Today there is not a single Sikh judge in the Supreme Court of India. To be the charioteer of the times and to alert the society, the work of the writers is to raise their voice.

In 2007, the author wrote a booklet expressing his concern about this and sent it to all the representatives of the community, which was given space by a large number of newspapers and magazines around the world. It was written in the name of ‘Singho Khabardar’. Even as a member of the Chief Khalsa Diwan, this is an issue that I have been raising formally and informally. Self. Along with Sardar Nirmal Singh, he also talked about setting up an academy in Chandigarh Guru Harikrishna Public School and also inspired many Central Service Officers to help. The end result has been zero. Seeing the deteriorating condition of Punjab and the Sikh community, discussions have been held with many people even now. Some people from India and abroad have assured to help in setting up an academy to prepare Sikh youth for central services so that the matter does not remain limited to condemnation and concern. But this work is not the work of one or two persons, for this a big place will also be needed in Punjab. There is also a need for financial support from professors, Punjabi officers in central services, rich people who love the community and Punjab. A lot of work will have to be done for this. Governments can help but has anyone ever raised this issue in the Vidhansabha or Lok Sabha? Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister of Government of India Shri Amit Shah love Sikhi and are always ready for its progress. The problem only needs to be shared with them, which will definitely be done. Through this request letter, there is an appeal to those who love the Sikh community and take forward its sacred thinking that those who want to contribute in this can contact on this email- [email protected].

The writer is chairman, National Commission for Minorities.

Iqbal Singh Lalpura

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