Try these 5 preventive measures to avoid the side effects of turmeric use – Dainik Savera Times

Mumbai: Along with many health benefits of turmeric, it also has many side effects. But its side effects do not mean that you should completely avoid using it. There are many preventive measures to use it in healthy ways and avoid its side effects.

1: Before taking turmeric as a supplement or in your food, find out if you are allergic to it. Rub a small amount on the inner side of your elbow and leave it there for a few hours. If you get rashes then do not use turmeric. If you don’t, you’re good to go.

2: Do not consume turmeric in your diet a few weeks before undergoing any type of surgery. Turmeric is an incredible anti-clotting agent and is essential for blood clotting as it heals after surgery. One of the possible side effects of turmeric is that you may bleed more than normal during or even after surgery.

3: If you know you have a blood clotting disorder and are taking antiplatelet or anticoagulation medications, do not take turmeric in any form because one of the side effects of turmeric is that it increases the strength of these medications.

4: If you take turmeric in capsule or tablet form, make sure it is organic and chemical-free. Be aware that the binding agent needed to make turmeric pills is of animal origin and may be something that does not agree with you or to which you have a food allergy. Before purchasing turmeric supplements, try to look for FDA and organic certification on it.

5: It is advisable to avoid turmeric as long as you are breastfeeding your newborn as it is uncertain what effect turmeric may have on the baby.

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