TTP Attack Chitral: Tehreek E Taliban Says Taking Over Chitral Intense Clashes Underway With Pakistan Army


Islamabad: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or TTP terrorists have claimed possession of Chitral district bordering Afghanistan in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The TTP has issued a statement claiming that it has taken control of Chitral district. It states that thousands of TTP terrorists are present in Chitral and fierce fighting is going on with the Pakistan Army for the last two days. Meanwhile, there are reports that many Pakistani soldiers have been abducted. The TTP has claimed the killing of 11 Pakistani soldiers, while the Pakistan Army has confirmed the death of 4 soldiers.

TTP terrorists said in their statement that for the last two days, TTP fighters have launched a comprehensive and successful operation in Chitral. TTP said that Pakistan has proved to be a failure once again and that is why they are claiming that we have used the land of Afghanistan to attack. We want to tell the Pakistan Army that thousands of our fighters are already present in Chitral. The TTP militants claimed that the operation was launched on the demand of the people of Chitral.
TTP terrorists captured Pakistani villages! Heavy firing in Taliban-Pakistan army, border closed

Sharia law will be implemented in Pakistan

During this campaign, he is getting full support of the people of Chitral. Tehreek-e-Taliban strongly condemns the false and baseless propaganda by the Pakistan Army. He said that people are fed up with the injustice of Pakistan and they are demanding similar successful campaign in other areas of Pakistan. TTP said that our Jihad will continue as long as the Government of Pakistan continues to attack our faith, property and people. At the same time, it will continue to oppose the implementation of Sharia law.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Army has also claimed to have killed more than 10 TTP terrorists. The Pakistan Army has denied TTP’s claim of occupying Chitral. TTP terrorists want to capture entire Pakistan and implement strict Sharia law in the country like Afghanistan. They are opposing the democratic rule of Pakistan. Pakistan claims that TTP terrorists are hiding in Afghanistan and from there they are carrying out bloody attacks.
Fierce attack by terrorists on Pakistani army, 11 soldiers killed, TTP claims to have captured many villages

Fierce fighting between Pakistani army and Taliban

Earlier, the Government of Pakistan had threatened the Taliban terrorists of Afghanistan that if they did not take action against TTP, they would carry out airstrikes. The Taliban were enraged at this and they retaliated. Meanwhile, there has been a heavy exchange of fire between the Taliban and the Pakistan Army on the Torkham border, in which many people from both sides have been killed and a large number of people have been injured. Due to this, the tension between the two countries has increased a lot.

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