Twitter vs Threads: Twitter in preparation for legal action against Meta regarding Threads app


Twitter vs Threads: Meta’s new social media app Threads has been in the news ever since its launch. Elon Musk’s legal team has threatened Mark Zuckerberg with legal action. In this matter, Elon Musk has said that competition has its place, but cheating is not right. Micro-blogging platform Twitter has warned of legal action in the case of copying on new app threads based on the written message of Meta, the company operating Facebook. In a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a Twitter lawyer alleges Twitter’s illegal use of trade secrets and abuse of intellectual property rights.

‘Threads is a copycat app’

Alex Spiro, a lawyer representing Twitter, said in the letter that Meta created a copycat app in the form of Threads by hiring former Twitter employees, according to the details of the letter available with news website Semaphore. Twitter intends to enforce its intellectual property rights in this case, Spiro said. The company will use civil remedies to get relief from injustice.

‘Competition is a good thing, not cheating’

Twitter’s lawyer described the letter to Zuckerberg as a formal notice, saying it would be a relevant document in a potential legal dispute. In a tweet asking questions about the possibility of legal action against Meta, Twitter owner Elon Musk did not give a direct answer, saying that competition is a good thing, not cheating. Twitter CEO Linda Yacarino said in a tweet, “We are often copied, but the Twitter community can never be replicated.”

Meta said – Twitter’s claim is not correct

Responding to threats of legal action from Twitter’s attorneys, Meta spokesman Andy Stone said, “No member of the Threads development team is a former Twitter employee.” This claim is not correct. According to a PTI-language report, attempts were made to contact both Twitter and Spiro for their reaction in this regard. To this Twitter has just sent a reply email with an emoji. This is the automated response the company typically provides to correspondents’ emails.

privacy concerns

Meta recently introduced the messaging app Threads and within a few hours it was downloaded by millions of people. This app has been developed by Meta’s Instagram team and it is being seen as a challenge to the reign of Twitter. Some concerns related to personal data are also being raised regarding Meta’s new app threads. Threads has been introduced in more than 100 countries of the world but the European Union has not yet approved it due to its strict data protection rules.

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