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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is once again in the news. This time with your statements. Dorsey said or claimed in a conversation with a YouTube channel Breaking Points that the Government of India had asked him to close the protesting Twitter account and the account related to the farmer’s movement. If this does not happen then Twitter will be closed in India. Raids will be done in the office. Just what then, as soon as Dorsey spoke so much, all the opposition parties became active. Farmer leaders are also supporting Dorsey. But the previous record of Jack Dorsey whose statement is being taken hand in hand by the opposition and farmer leaders would have been checked. This is the same Jack Dorsey who waved objectionable posters on Brahminism in his hand, showing Leh as a part of China. Jack Dorsey was also accused of influencing the US presidential election. Attack on India’s sovereignty, running anti-India agenda etc. Now that Jack Dorsey has made the allegation, he is also reminded of the controversies during his time. Might have forgotten.

Dorsey crossed the limit when he compared India to Turkey. Said that Turkey had also threatened him to shut down Twitter in his country. Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar lashed out at these allegations of Dorsey. He said that his claims are false. Chandrasekhar, on the contrary, accused the CEO of Twitter that the micro-blogging site had broken the rules several times between 2020 and 2022. Jack is trapped after his own statement. When Jack said that he probably forgot that the Government of India had threatened to close the office. Neither the office was closed, nor was anyone arrested. Yes, it definitely happened that this anti-India agenda was run through Twitter. Although, Jack Dorsey should look under Jack Dorsey’s own collar.

India is a sovereign nation. Constitution, Parliament, Laws, Courts and Election System are all that should be there in a free and democratic country. Then why is it repeatedly stated that democracy has been murdered? Had there been no democracy, only one party would have ruled the country. The country really would have become ‘North Korea’! Farmers are not able to agitate and foreign shops are not able to open in the name of freedom of expression!

Now Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has made a statement that ‘the dictator is a coward’. Our constitution has given fundamental and civil rights only to ‘Indian’. Foreign industrialists are outside that category. Thousands of foreign companies operating in India are completely within the ambit of Indian laws. If Twitter has repeatedly violated Indian laws, then surely it is a criminal, hence punishable. He cannot make the guise of freedom of expression his ‘security-shield’.

Toolkits were posted from Twitter during the farmer’s movement. The toolkit was shared by environmental activist Greta Thunberg on her Twitter handle. It was clearly written about the strategy related to the farmer’s movement. It was written in it that how to get updates about the farmer’s movement? Keep an eye on the user’s tweet on farmer’s movement and which hashtag to use etc. In case of problems, whom to talk to, what to avoid, etc. were included in this toolkit. It was then that many videos and statements on Twitter were said to be manipulated or say distorted. There was a lot of controversy on this too.

The Government of India had ordered Twitter to take action against 1178 suspicious and fake accounts during the farmer’s movement. Such accounts could have become a threat to the security, unity and integrity of the country. Could spread to disturbance and chaos. Why will the government of any country not give a warning to the social media platform? Bandh action should also be taken, because in the name of freedom of expression, the bases of anti-national propaganda are open. Dorsey is nothing in Twitter anymore. Elon Musk is its new owner, so India’s democracy cannot be judged on the basis of what happened in the past.

Jack made such a big allegation on the Government of India from a foreign platform. Forgot that anti-India agenda was run against India through Twitter, then no action was taken from their side. India was repeatedly warning by citing the law but Jack did not accept it. Then he was flouting the law of the Government of India. Now people supporting Jack will ask which anti-India agenda. Let’s pay attention. Go back 2 years from today. Means the year 2021 and this is the month of June. Twitter had shown Leh as part of China during its live broadcast. As soon as the news of this came, the Government of India issued a warning to Twitter and said that it is illegal to show the map in this way. Jack was the owner then. Why didn’t Jack act on it then? Then when all these allegations were made, Twitter defied the Government of India itself.

Twitter’s anti-India agenda will be further exposed. On March 2, 2023, journalist Matt Tybe had told that about 40 thousand such Twitter accounts were asked to be closed which were of Hindu nationality. It was said that all were workers of Bharatiya Janata Party. So was it the only step to remove the blue tick from the account of Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat, all the leaders of the Sangh and former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. But it turned out that the list was of such American people and they had nothing to do with India and its politics.

Significantly, the then Twitter had the audacity to show the wrong map of India. Jammu and Kashmir was considered a part of Pakistan. He was working on anti-India agenda. He even removed the ‘Blue Tick’ from the account of Venkaiah Naidu, the then Vice President of India. That is, the account was not verified. When violent protests broke out in January 2021 during the farmer’s movement, Twitter had termed the Indian government as ‘genocide’. Surely this propaganda must have reached the world. Later the truth turned out to be something else. Today the European Union is threatening to ban Twitter for ‘fake news’. India’s Minister of State for IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar tweeted that Jack Dorsey’s allegations are false. Also accused Jack Dorsey of behaving biased and discriminatory towards India. The countrymen are aware of the reality of Twitter. There is sure to be politics in this matter in the coming days.

Dr. O.P. tripathi

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