Two indigo flights report engine shut down in mid air, dgca investigate the incident


New Delhi: Many questions have been raised due to technical glitches in Indigo flights from Kolkata to Bangalore and Madurai-Mumbai. Within a span of a few hours, two IndiGo aircraft have suffered engine failure. DGCA has now come into action after the flight’s engine malfunctioned in mid-air.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is conducting a ‘technical evaluation’ of low-cost airline IndiGo on Tuesday over the problems with the engines of two of its planes. An official provided this information on Wednesday. On Tuesday, two IndiGo aircraft developed engine problems during take-off. One flight was going from Kolkata to Bangalore while the other flight was from Madurai to Mumbai.

The airline said in a statement that after take-off on Kolkata-Bengaluru flight number 6E 455, the aircraft was forced to land back in Kolkata due to a technical problem. In the meantime, following the prescribed operating procedure, the pilot landed the aircraft safely at Kolkata. According to Indigo, on Tuesday itself Madurai-Mumbai flight number 6E-2012 also developed a technical problem before landing. Taking precaution, the pilot landed the plane in Mumbai. Now this aircraft will be brought back into operation only after necessary maintenance.

A senior DGCA official said on Wednesday that after both the incidents were brought to its notice, a technical evaluation of the issue is being done with the airline. Pratt & Whitney (P&W) company’s engines are used in Indigo’s planes. The airline’s fleet stood at 316 aircraft at the end of June.

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