Ukraine NATO Membership: ‘Yes’ to Sweden, ‘No’ to Ukraine at NATO summit, Zelensky raged – this is a sign of weakness


Vilnius: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the leaders of the NATO member states agreed to allow Ukraine to join the grouping if the allies agree and conditions are met. The head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said that no deadline has been set for Ukraine’s inclusion in the 31-nation military organization. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed displeasure over this and called it “absurd”. We have agreed to do away with the need for a membership action plan.” Stoltenberg said Ukraine’s membership will be one step instead of two, and when the allies agree and the conditions are met, Stoltenberg said. Ukraine will join NATO.

There is no consensus among NATO’s 31 member states on Ukraine’s membership, while many countries are providing arms and ammunition to Ukraine’s military. However, leaders have decided to remove barriers to Ukraine’s membership so that it can join the military bloc as soon as the war with Russia ends. Zelensky indicated that he did not consider NATO’s actions to be satisfactory.

Zelensky, who is on his way to Vilnius to attend a NATO summit, said: “It is unprecedented and absurd not to set a deadline for inviting Ukraine and its membership.” . And I will speak openly on this in the conference. “He tweeted,” We value our allies. Ukraine also deserves respect.

Asked about Zelensky’s concerns, Stoltenberg said the most important thing was for his country to win the war against Russia, because membership talks only make sense when Ukraine exists. Public outrage from the President of Ukraine could create an atmosphere of tension in Vilnius. Western countries have hailed Zelensky as a hero for his leadership during the invasion of Russia. Earlier, US President Joe Biden on Tuesday hailed an agreement for Sweden to join NATO.

Biden described the NATO summit as a “historic moment” and said the US had agreed to a proposal to outline Ukraine’s path to membership. This proposal has not yet been released publicly. On Monday night before the opening of the conference, Turkey withdrew its objections to Sweden joining NATO. Western leaders have been seeking a similar show of solidarity in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The agreement has been reached after several days of intense brainstorming and could increase NATO’s power in northern Europe. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Tuesday, “The rumors about NATO’s disunity have been greatly exaggerated.” Will ask the Parliament of Sweden to seal Sweden’s joining NATO. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban may also adopt a similar approach.

The situation is also a success for Biden, who said NATO expansion can be seen as an example of how the attack on Ukraine has cost Russia. Finland has already become the 31st member of NATO and Sweden is going to become the 32nd member. On the other hand, Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the expansion of NATO is one of the reasons that led to the current situation.

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