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June every year On the first Sunday, ‘National Cancer Survivor Day’ means National Cancer Winner Day is celebrated. This day is specially celebrated in America. But now it is being celebrated all over the world. This is a gathering of people who have survived cancer treatment. This gives inspiration to those who are battling this disease. In India too, some of the patients who have saved their lives by defeating cancer have formed an organization in Kolkata. This organization increases the enthusiasm towards life by visiting cancer patients so that they can fight cancer with courage and save their lives. According to the World Health Organization, after heart disease, cancer is now becoming the biggest cause of death worldwide. The latest statistics of the National Cancer Registry in India show that every year 14.5 lakh new cases of cancer are arising here, every time more than 30 lakh people have been found suffering from cancer and annually more than 6,80,000 deaths are due to cancer. Are. Lives can be saved if detected at an early stage. But only 12.5 percent of Indians are such that they are able to take medical help in the beginning itself. Therefore, cancer deaths can be reduced even by spreading awareness among the general public. This organization is doing the same work so that the lives of cancer patients can be saved.

For this, he has formed an organization called Council for Cancer Care (CCC). These people say that earlier cancer was considered a disease of old age and sometimes it was heard somewhere that such and such a person has got cancer. Today it is spreading rapidly like an epidemic. There is no restriction of age either, from small children to young, middle-aged and old people all are falling prey to it. The sufferings of cancer and the deaths due to cancer have created such a fearful environment that as soon as cancer is announced, the cancer patient assumes that death is certain now, but the services of traditional medicine and the efforts of alternative medicine taken in time have helped. The background has been laid to change this perception. Now the process of defeat of cancer and victory of man has started. This organization is running a campaign to make cancer patients aware about the possibilities of alternative medical services along with the prevalent medical system working in the treatment of cancer. By which cancer can be defeated. Council for Cancer Care (CCC) has set some key points to fulfill its objective. She is running a campaign to remove the despair prevailing among cancer patients as well as to remove the misconceptions about cancer. Along with creating awareness for the cause and prevention of cancer, it is also trying to help the weaker sections.

When someone comes to know that he has got cancer, his reaction is that now he will not get well and his death is certain. This organization is taking all such measures in which the hope of life remains in the cancer patient and his family members and they can be saved from going into depression. CCC. To remove the belief of people suffering from cancer that cancer means death, cancer winners are being brought in front of them as examples, so that they also have the belief that we too can overcome cancer like them. Can This organization is running a campaign in the direction of keeping people alert and alert by making them aware of the causes of cancer which are believed to be responsible for cancer. CCC. It tries to give this message to the public that as soon as the possibility of cancer is expressed, how to timely check up and reach the hospital system and start treatment. With the help of its experienced people, this organization provides information to people about the causes of cancer and also tells how we can avoid cancer.

Council for Cancer Care says that Indian scientists have got great success on the cancer front. Scientists of DS Research Center Kolkata have prepared that drug from the nutritional energy of food items, which is capable of controlling cancer cells and eradicating them. In scientific tests too, the results of this medicine have been found to be better. Dr. T.K. According to Chatterjee- ‘The results of the tests done on the animals of the drug Sarvpishti prepared from the nutritional energy of DS Research Center have been found encouraging. If CRC has obtained encouraging results after using Sarvpishti on animals, then similar results can be obtained by using it on human body, which will be an epoch-making event in the history of cancer treatment. CRC conducts clinical trials of drugs for various diseases.

In this connection, he had also done clinical examination of Sarvapishti. To ascertain the level of efficacy of a drug, generally two types of tests are done – first, pharmacological (pharmacological) tests and second, toxicological (toxicological) tests. These tests were done on imported white rats. Cancer cells were introduced into the animal body and when a tumor was formed, we started giving the drug. In the ‘nutritional energy’ test condition, the number of cells in the responses observed after 14 days had started to decline markedly. No ulcer was produced in the animal body. The tumor growth rate was reduced by 46 percent and the toxicity of the drug was almost nil. Such positive results were not seen in recent times. This drug has immense possibilities to prevent and fight cancer. People in our country easily fall prey to superstitions and rumours. Like any other field, different types of misconceptions are spread about medicine and disease like cancer. CCC. By providing correct information about cancer, it is trying to reduce the fear of cancer by running a campaign to remove various misconceptions about cancer. On the other hand, a large number of cancer patients are deprived of medical services due to the expensive medical system. CCC. The effort of the Cancer Society is to explore those possibilities so that every cancer patient can get medical facilities. This organization is trying to run a campaign for the fight against cancer by taking government, non-government, medical institutions, social service organizations, intellectual class together. The organization endeavors to provide financial assistance to poor patients by locating such opportunities and resources.

(The author has been assistant editor of Hindi Encyclopedia.)
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