Urban M Pro Review: A great budget smartwatch, what should you buy? urban m pro review best budget watch


Urban M Pro is the latest launched Smartwatch. It is an affordable smartwatch priced at ₹1,999. It comes with connected health features. Bluetooth calling facility is available in this watch. The watch can be connected with the help of the app. In such a situation, the question arises whether this smartwatch is fit for you. Let’s know about this in detail…


The Urban Pro M comes in a metal body, making it sturdy and durable. The rotating crown button is given in the watch. Also, sensors and charging buttons are provided at the back. The watch comes in square dial. The design of the watch is very good. But if you like watches with rounded dials, then this watch is not for you. A good quality strap has been given in the watch. Especially in this price point, it becomes a good smartwatch. The smartwatch comes with an IP67 rating. In this case, the watch does not get damaged by water and dust. Overall the watch is comfortable to wear.

A large display of 1.91 inches has been given in the Urban Pro M. The display is great for use both indoor and outdoor. Color output and crispness is good. The speaker of the watch is also very good. No problem has been seen in the watch during calling. During calling, this indoor calling experience is good. But the output in outdoor is a little less fine.

Connectivity and Health Features
The touch response of the Urban Pro M has been great. The watch has a rotating crown button. Pro M has fast and sensitive touch screen. Watch Mail app connectivity has been given. Can connect it to the fit. It supports both Android and iOS. The user interface of the app is quite clear and easy. A lot of watch faces have been given in this watch, which users can set according to their own. Modes like health, physical training, gym have been given in the watch. I measured my heart rate with the smartwatch, so the accuracy has been pretty good. Although the accuracy of some health tracking features was not correct.

urban m pro 2

battery life
The Urban Pro M watch can be used comfortably for four days on a single charge. During this, Bluetooth calling and health features can also be used in the watch. But when you use the watch more for calling and other features, the battery life drops to a day and a half. It takes about 2 hours for the watch to charge.

our decision
Urban Pro M is a good smartwatch for low budget people. If you want to buy a good smartwatch, then this can be a great option. But the watch is not very accurate regarding heart rate and other health features. If you’re buying a watch to use the health features, you should consider other options as well.

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