US Nuclear Submarine at Guantanamo Bay creating tension with Cuba


Havana: The arrival of a nuclear submarine at the US Navy base in Guantanamo Bay has increased the possibility of a confrontation between Cuba and the US. The Cuban government has said that this act will not be tolerated. At the same time, he has warned that this may increase the conflict. A statement has been issued by the country’s foreign department on Tuesday. It has been said in this statement that the submarine had arrived in Guantanamo Bay last Wednesday and remained there till Saturday. This information has come at a time when there was a lot of news about the military relations between the forces of Cuba and China. US media had said that China wants to build a base here to spy on America.

Cuba asked questions, America cut the cane
According to the State Department, ‘the presence of the submarine makes it necessary to know what are the military reasons behind this action in this peaceful part of the world? What was its target and what is its strategic objective? The ministry has warned about the danger posed by the presence of nuclear submarines in the Caribbean region. The ministry says that the presence of the US military in the region is a threat to the sovereignty and interests of Latin American and Caribbean peoples. At the same time, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has said, ‘We do not discuss US military assets and activities in press conferences. He handed over the question related to this to the Defense Department Pentagon. There has been no response from the Pentagon on this either.

China’s spy base in Cuba

Cuba’s criticism of the US comes at a time when the country is once again at the center of rising tensions between the superpowers. Recently, a report in the American newspaper Wall Street Journal said that Cuba is in talks with China regarding joint military training. This was said by the newspaper after a report on a Chinese espionage campaign. After an initially ambiguous response, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that China had maintained intelligence gathering facilities in Cuba for years. In the year 2019, he had upgraded these facilities. Although both China and Cuba refused to accept this report.

US sanctions continue
Since 1962, Cuba has been embargoed by the US. At that time the Soviet Union had deployed ballistic missiles here. This increased the risk of a large-scale nuclear conflict during the Cold War. However, these missiles were later withdrawn. In Tuesday’s statement, Cuba’s foreign ministry condemned the “illegal military occupation” of Guantanamo Bay. Actually there is a US Navy base on its southern part. Since the Spanish–American War in 1898, approximately 117 km (45 sq mi) of land along the bay had been occupied by US forces.

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