US President Joe Biden Meet with Rishi Sunak in UK on the Way of NATO Meeting


London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met with US President Joe Biden in London on Monday and discussed various issues including the Indo-Pacific region. The meeting of the two leaders took place at ’10 Downing Street’, which is the official residence and office of the British Prime Minister. The US leader arrived in Britain ahead of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Lithuania. Issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the West’s support for Ukraine will be at the center of talks at the summit.

Biden described UK-US relations as ‘strong as a rock’ ahead of his discussion with Sunak. Later, Maharaja Charles III welcomed Biden at Windsor Palace. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement about the discussion: “Looking ahead to the NATO summit this week, Prime Minister Sunak and President Biden agreed on the need to strengthen our alliance and maintain our support for Ukraine.” ‘

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“They discussed the progress of the counteroffensive and stressed the importance of Ukraine’s international partners committing to its long-term defense, providing the necessary assistance to win this war and ensure a lasting peace,” the spokesman said. . On wider NATO issues, they agreed on the need to ensure that Sweden has an accelerated route to full NATO re-entry.’

Ukraine’s ammunition is running out

The spokesperson said, “The Prime Minister and President Biden also discussed the broader geopolitical situation, including the Indo-Pacific and Iran.” Biden has acknowledged that providing Ukraine with cluster bombs was a ‘difficult decision’, but added that Ukraine is running out of ammunition and needs the weapons to continue fighting Russian forces. Biden said in an interview with CNN, ‘It took me a while to be convinced to do it. But I think they (Ukraine) needed it.

Sunak has distanced himself from the US decision. ‘Britain is a signatory to a treaty that bans the production or use of cluster weapons and discourages their use,’ Sunak said on Saturday. The US is not a party to that agreement.

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