US President will not meet China’s Prime Minister during his visit to India. Loktej World News


Washington, 8 September (Hindustan). US President Joe Biden will not meet Chinese Premier Li Qiang during his visit to India to attend the G-20 summit. The White House, the residence of the US President, has ruled out any possibility of meeting Qiang as part of Biden’s itinerary.

US President Joe Biden is reaching the G-20 summit being held in India on September 9 and 10. Chinese President Xi Jinping was also to attend the conference, but in his place they are sending Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang. Li Qiang will represent China at the G-20 summit held in Delhi. Joe Biden had already expressed disappointment over the Chinese President not attending the G-20 summit. Now he has decided not to meet the Chinese Prime Minister despite staying in Delhi for three days.

US President’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, in response to a question related to Biden’s agenda at the G-20 summit, clearly said that President Joe Biden does not intend to meet Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang during his visit to India.

In fact, journalists had asked Sulvin whether Chinese citizens have entered American military bases and whether this issue would be raised in Delhi. On this he said that at this time we do not have any plan for the President to talk to the Prime Minister of China. President Joe Biden will visit Vietnam after attending the G-20 summit in India.

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