Us Presidential Election, India is necessary for economic independence from China … Vivek Ramaswamy’s big strategy against Dragon, said this on PM Modi – us presidential election 2024


Des Moines: Vivek Ramaswamy, who is in the race to become the Republican Party’s candidate in next year’s US presidential election, believes that strong ties with India will help America declare economic ‘independence’ from China. Ramaswamy also advocated stronger strategic ties with India, including military ties in the Andaman Sea. Ramaswamy (38) is the youngest contender for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. He is currently on a two-day visit to Iowa. The primary election process to choose the Republican candidate for the presidential election in Iowa will begin on July 15.

Ramaswamy said in an interview to ‘PTI-Bhasha’, ‘A strong relationship between America and India can be helpful in declaring independence from China. America is economically dependent on China today, but with the help of strong ties with India it will be easier to declare independence from Chinese ties. He said, ‘America should also have a strong strategic relationship with India, including military ties in the Andaman Sea. If necessary, India can blockade the Strait of Malacca, which actually supplies most of the West Asian oil to China. So these are real areas of improvement in US-India relations.

growing popularity

“I think it will be good for America and that is why I will lead with that in mind,” Ramaswamy said in response to a question. Billionaire Indian-American entrepreneur Ramaswamy has soared in popularity after an impressive performance in the debate. He is ranked second only to former President Donald Trump in popularity rating polls. In his first interaction with the Indian media, Ramaswamy appeared to be a strong supporter of growing ties between India and the US.

‘Ukraine America’s mistake’

“I think he (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) has been a good leader for India and I look forward to working closely with him to further strengthen the relationship between India and America,” he said in response to a question. ‘ Ramaswamy said, ‘The main challenge of American foreign policy is that we are not protecting the motherland. We’re fighting wars that don’t advance American interests and we’re really making the homeland unsafe, so I think it’s a mistake for America to continue engaging in Ukraine. This does not serve the national interests of America.

“On the contrary, I think it will actually damage American credibility on the global stage,” Ramaswamy said. America needs to focus on Communist China. This is the biggest threat at the international level. Along with increasing defense capabilities on the border, protecting the motherland should be the top priority at the domestic level.

What did Ramaswamy say on Indian Americans

Ramaswamy has two sons, Karthik (three) and Arjun (one). When asked about his family, he said, “They (Ramaswamy’s sons) are really excited about our visit…Karthik can say that his father is running for the presidential election.” I don’t know whether he understands this. He is only three years old, but I think he knows enough that this is important.

When asked about the role of Indian-Americans in his bid for the presidency, Ramaswamy said, “The truth is that I am a child of immigrants who came to this country with no money and who at a young age Lived the American dream of being successful. This gives rise to my strong belief in this country. It gives me the certainty of what is possible in America. He said that he considers it his duty to pass it on to the next generation.

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