US Presidential Election News: Biden Is Widely Seen As Too Old For Office Trump Other Problems Poll Finds


Washington: In the proposed presidential election in the US next year, Americans feel that Biden is too old for a second term regarding presidential contenders Joe Biden and Donald Trump. At the same time, Donald Trump, only a few years younger than him, is surrounded by other problems. Despite several criminal charges against him, Trump is well ahead of other candidates in the race to win the presidential nomination in the Republican Party. Most people are focused on one factor Biden cannot change, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

The President himself has cleverly started capitalizing on this factor. He has been on more than 80 tours around the world, assuring people that age doesn’t affect functionality. Age discrimination in the workplace is prohibited, but some of the President’s staffers take a contradictory view of it. 77 percent of the people in the survey said that due to age, Biden will not be as effective for the next four-year term. Not only 89 percent of Republican Party supporters, but 69 percent of Democratic Party supporters also believe the same.
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American voters want a new face

Nearly half of America’s adult population says Trump is too old to hold the presidency. What has clearly emerged from this survey is that American citizens prefer younger rather than older people for top positions. Specifically, 67 percent supported requiring Supreme Court justices to retire at a certain age. 68 percent supported setting age limits for members in the House of Representatives and Senate. 66 percent spoke of setting an age limit for presidential candidates. The survey shows that most of the supporters of all political parties want to see a young face, a new face or both.

Among them is Noah Burden, a 28-year-old communications consultant from Virginia. He prefers Biden more than Trump. Despite this, he wants that the top contenders for the post of President should be of his generation. Burden said, ‘Both are very old. Similarly, Greg Pack (62), a Trump supporter in Ardmore, wants both Biden and Trump to withdraw from the presidential race. Pack said, ‘I want some young man to get a chance.’ The AP-NORC survey went further than asking questions and presenting options, asking people to offer the first word or phrase that comes to mind when mentioning each person.

Biden is old in the eyes of the American public

Of those internal responses, 26 percent mentioned Biden’s age and 15 percent used words like “slow” or “confused” to refer to him. 28 percent of Democratic Party supporters mentioned Biden’s age first. He preferred words like “president”, “leader”, “strong” or “capable” that acknowledged a person’s performance but also questioned his age. Let’s pick up Only three percent of the poll used the word “confused” for Trump, and only one percent described him as “old.” Most people used the words “corrupt” or “crooked” (15 percent), “bad” and other negative words (11 percent), “liar” and “dishonest” (8 percent) for Trump. percent), “good,” and other positive comments (8 percent).

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