vegetable price hike, rain and flood became the villain of your plate


New Delhi: The situation of heavy rains and floods in most of the states of the country has brought inflation to the seventh sky. You are not going to get relief from the high prices of vegetables and fruits for the next few days. The disruption in the supply of fruits and vegetables has added to the difficulty. In view of the flood situation in Delhi, the government has stopped the entry of heavy vehicles, which is disrupting the supply chain. In such a situation, forget about cheap vegetables and fruits for the next few days.

Big jump in wholesale price of vegetables

Along with the retail price, the wholesale price of vegetables and fruits is also increasing rapidly. From green vegetables to potatoes, onions and fruits, the prices have increased rapidly here in a week. Wholesale prices have shot up due to supply disruption due to water-logging, lack of connectivity to the highway. The prices of vegetables and fruits have increased by 10 to 30 per cent in a week. In the last one week, the price of vegetables is running at the speed of rocket. The wholesale price of vegetables in Delhi’s Azadpur mandi has gone up since a week.

rates of vegetables July 14 July 6
Onion 11-20 ₹/kg 8-18₹/kg
Tomato 100-160₹/kg 70-100₹/kg
Potato 10-18₹/kg 7-16₹/kg
Bottle gourd 10-28₹/kg 10-25₹/kg
Brinjal 30-60₹/kg 15-35₹/kg
ladyfinger 40-50 ₹/kg 30-40 ₹/kg

double attack in the rain

People are worried due to heavy rains and floods, rising inflation has made a double attack on the general public. The prices of tomatoes were already skyrocketing, but now every vegetable is becoming expensive. No vegetable is below Rs 50 in Delhi-NCR retail markets. Those who were buying vegetables in kilos, are now buying them in grams. After the rains, the flood has increased the prices of green vegetables and fruits once again. Due to heavy rains and floods, the houses have been flooded, while the vegetables in the market are robbing the pockets.

Prices increased due to supply disruption

Due to rains and floods in Delhi, many areas have been waterlogged and Yamuna water has been flooded, after which the Delhi government has stopped the entry of commercial vehicles. Fruits and vegetables from Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand used to reach the mandis of Delhi, but due to water-logging in the city including the highway, these trucks are stuck on the highway. There has been a drop of up to 30 per cent in the supply of onions coming from Maharashtra and Karnataka. Due to less supply, the price of vegetables has doubled in the retail market. The tomatoes which were being sold at Rs 120-160 per kg are being sold at Rs 200 per kg. After the rain subsides and the roads are opened, there is a possibility of some reduction in the price.

Tomato disappeared from the first kitchen, now burger-pizza also, side effect of rising price

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