Veteran film director K.G. is no more. George, breathed his last at the age of 77


Thiruvananthapuram (Uttam Hindu News): Veteran Kerala filmmaker K.G. George died at an old age home in Kakkanad, Kochi on Sunday. He breathed his last at the age of 77. He was one of the iconic filmmakers of the Malayalam industry and made many challenging films. His film, ‘Panchavadi Palam’, a political satire, was a superhit and considered one of the best films made in the Malayalam film industry.

K.G. George’s film ‘Irakal’ is a crime thriller and bears similarities to many of the recent events that unfolded in the state of Kerala, even though the film was made three decades ago. He brought best actors like Mammotty and Bharat Gopi in his film ‘Yavanika’. ‘Lekhayude Maranam, Oru Flashback’, based on the death of a film actress, was also a huge hit.

George is a highly respected director in the Malayalam film industry but was suffering from a stroke for the last few years.
Although George has directed only about 20 films, but he was a director who broke the concept of commercial and art films and gave a message in each of his films.

He revolutionized the Malayalam film industry and earned himself a reputation as a director who was not afraid to speak the truth. He made films on subjects including sex, politics, corruption and crime.

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