Virat Kohli vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli vs Pakistan know the statistics


Pudhari Online Desk: Virat Kohli vs Pakistan: Unions of India and Pakistan will come face to face after a long time. Both the unions will clash on 2 September in Asia Chaskat. This ODI will be played at Kandi in Sri Lanka. The 2022 T20 World Cup would have been the last encounter between India and Pakistan. Team India’s run machine Virat Kohli would have made a memorable performance in the match played in Melbourne. Virat’s performance against Pakistan is excellent not only in T20 but also in ODIs.

Virat Kohli vs Pakistan

If we talk about ODI format, Kohli would have played against Pakistan four years back. In the ODI World Cup, the encounter would have been played at Manchester in England. Kohli scored 77 runs in the match to win Team India’s victory. His bat was always clear from the statistics of Talpalya against Pakistan. Virat has scored more than 50 runs three times in the last four ODIs against him. (IND vs PAK Asia Cup)

Kohli’s last five deliveries in ODIs against Pakistan

2019 : Manchester : 77 runs
2017 : Oval : 5 runs
2017: Birmingham: 81 not out
2015 : Adelaide : 107 runs
2014 : Mirpur : 5 raids

Kohli’s performance in ODI against Pakistan (Virat Kohli vs Pakistan)

Virat has played 13 matches against Pakistan from 2009 to 2019. During this, he has collected 536 runs in 13 matches and this includes two centuries and two half-centuries. His average is 48.72 and strike rate is 96.22. (IND vs PAK Asia Cup)

Virat Kohli vs Pakistan Asia Cup record against Pakistan

Kohli’s record in ODI format of Asia Cup is excellent. He has done 10 Dawat 613 raids. He has a record of three centuries and one half-century in his career. During this period Virat made 18 raids in Dambulla in 2010. After that in 2012, 183 runners would have played big innings in Mirpur. After that, in 2014, the Mirpurchyach field would have been captured only after five raids. In this way, Kohli has scored 206 runs against Pakistan in ODI format of Asia Cup.

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