Virat Kohli vs Shubman Gill YoYo score Sunil Gavaskar angers BCCI bosses


New Delhi: Before Team India left for the Asia Cup, Virat Kohli got a stern warning from the BCCI when he posted his Yo-Yo score on Instagram. However, it was soon revealed that Team India’s highest scorer in the Yo-Yo Test is not King Kohli, while young opener Shubman Gill is the best. While Kohli scored 17.2, Gill scored 18.7. Now Sunil Gavaskar has lashed out at this.

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has suggested that making the results of the yo-yo test public might not be the worst idea for the BCCI. Kohli shared his yo-yo test score of 17.2 on his Instagram story when the Indian team was at a training camp in Bengaluru in preparation for the Asia Cup. This did not go down well with the BCCI officials. He considered this a ‘breach of contract’ and issued instructions to players advising them not to share confidential information with the public.

A few days later, news agency PTI reported that Shubman Gill had scored more than Kohli. Gill scored 18.7, while 16.5 is needed to pass the test. Taking the matter seriously, Gavaskar spoke about Gill’s score. He said that Gill is too young and Kohli has aged. This cannot be denied. Gavaskar wrote in his column for Mid-day – BCCI directs that no one should post their yo-yo test scores. Did it do this to save some people from embarrassment?

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He further said- If it is true that unless the minimum standards of Yo-Yo Test are met, the player is not eligible for selection, then it is also important that the scores of all should come in the public domain. Millions of people who follow the game know that there is no player in the team who does not meet the minimum standard.
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