Virendra Sehwag: Virender Sehwag had given 21 runs in 2 balls, Rana Naved was not able to show his face, now he is spewing poison


New Delhi: Former Pakistan cricket team fast bowler Rana Naved ul Hasan was seen spewing venom against India in a podcast. Rana said that the Muslims of India would support Pakistan during the World Cup. Due to this statement, this former fast bowler, who played 74 ODIs and 9 Test matches for Pakistan, has come into the limelight. Although Rana Naved’s cricketing career has not been anything special, nor has he been able to do anything special with his bowling. Rana appeared in a total of 16 ODIs against India, in which he got a total of 32. During this, the Indian bowlers also thrashed him fiercely. In particular, Virender Sehwag, the former opener of Team India, had become a call for him in a match. This match was played on 13 March 2004. This match between India and Pakistan took place in Karachi in which Team India won by 5 runs.

In this match, Virender Sehwag scored 21 runs in just two legal balls against Rana Naved ul Hasan. Rana’s line and length against Sehwag was so bad that he hit a flurry of no balls.

In fact, in that match of Karachi ODI, Naved came to bowl the 11th over of the innings. The very first ball of the over became a no ball on which Sehwag hit a four. After this, the second ball also became Rana’s no ball. Sehwag hit a four on this ball. The condition of the third ball also remained the same. Veeru hit a four on this too. In this way, on three consecutive no balls, Sehwag scored 15 runs for the team.

After this one ball was dot but again Rana bowled a no ball on which Sehwag again hit a four. Rana was not going to stop here either. The next ball was also his no ball but Sehwag could not take a run on it. However, on the second league ball of this over, Sehwag again hit a boundary. In this way, Rana put 5 no balls out of 7 balls of the beginning. and

Rana somehow completed his over. After this embarrassing over, Rana was not even left to show his face in front of his home crowd.

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