Vishwakhabram: Indians showed Maldives Tourism as a star but due to this, Muizzu became the apple of Xi Jinping’s eyes.


Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu has returned home after completing a five-day visit to China and as soon as he returned, he started campaigning in favor of his party’s candidate in the elections for the post of Mayor of Male. After returning from China, Muizzu is talking big but the people of Maldives have understood that the interests of their country have been sacrificed in Beijing. Therefore, while on one hand the opposition of Maldives is calling President Muizzu’s visit to China a failure and saying that the public is now regretting why he changed the government, on the other hand the public is also bent upon making comments against their own President on social media.

If seen, Muizzu, who reached the post of President by propagating anti-India sentiment in Maldives at the behest of China, even before his first visit to China as the head of state, created such an atmosphere that Chinese President Xi Jinping uttered the famous dialogue ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’. The way Indians reacted to the derogatory comments made on social media by three Maldivian ministers against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Muizzu’s visit to China may have given a boost to Maldivian tourism, but this uproar has cost Muizzu Jinping a lot. They definitely became stars of the eyes.

Although all the objectives with which Muizzu had gone to China have not been fulfilled, still Jinping has not returned Muizzu empty handed. In fact, China knows that as long as the leaders of other countries who depend on it are in power, they have to give everything gradually rather than giving it all at once so that the other person remains in the habit of asking. When Muizzu met Jinping on January 10, he first thanked him for his continued support and then started reading the list of his demands. Seeing this, Jinping smiled and assured to continue helping them in future also. It is being told that 20 major agreements have been signed between the two countries, which also includes cooperation in the tourism sector. Muizzu is urging China to send more and more tourists so that it can answer India.

It is being told that to boost Muizzu’s enthusiasm, Jinping also gave him a 21-gun salute. Regarding the agreements, the Office of the President of Maldives has informed that 20 major agreements were signed between the Government of Maldives and the Government of China. The agreements signed include tourism cooperation, cooperation in disaster risk reduction and strengthening investment in the blue economy and digital economy. It is being told that China will also provide grant assistance to Maldives, but this amount has not been disclosed. The agreements between the two countries include jointly accelerating cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative, social housing project at Fushidiggaru Falhu, re-development of fishery product processing factory and Male and Vilimale road development projects. If we look at media reports from Maldives, it also comes to light that both the countries have also signed a 50 million US dollar project to develop an integrated tourism zone on the Indian Ocean island.

One of the highlights of the visit for Muizzu was that China, without naming any country, said it “firmly opposes external interference” in the internal affairs of the Maldives and supports the island nation in maintaining its sovereignty and independence. Supports. “The two sides agree to continue to firmly support each other in safeguarding their core interests,” a joint statement issued at the end of Muizzu’s talks with top Chinese leaders said. “China firmly supports the Maldives in upholding its national sovereignty, independence and national dignity,” the statement said. According to the joint statement, Muizzu expressed his support for Xi Jinping’s principles and the Global Security Initiative (GSI). Agreed. This means that he advocated Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

According to the statement, the two sides agreed to deepen cooperation in law enforcement and jointly address major challenges, including traditional and non-traditional security challenges, promote the development of bilateral relations and contribute to peace. “Maldives highly appreciates the BRI, its vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the principle of promoting friendship, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusivity with neighboring countries,” the statement said. Maldives, for its part, said in a joint statement that it is “firmly committed to the one-China principle.” Maldives said that we believe that there is only one China in the world and the Government of the People’s Republic of China represents the entire region. Taiwan is the sole legal government of China and is an inalienable part of the territory of China.

The statement said the Maldives “opposes any statements or actions that undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and opposes separatist activities related to ‘Taiwan independence’.” “Maldives opposes external interference in China’s internal affairs under any pretext and supports all efforts made by China to achieve national reunification,” the statement said. The statement said both sides are satisfied with the outcomes of President Muizzu’s visit to China and agree that the visit is of great importance for furthering the China-Maldives comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. The statement said , “Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 52 years ago, the two countries have always respected and supported each other.”

Let us also tell you that President Muizzu “expressed his appreciation for the warm hospitality of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese Government and the Chinese people and also invited the Chinese leaders to visit the Maldives at a mutually convenient time. Five During the day-long state visit, Muizzu also held talks with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and discussed the implementation of various projects that China is committed to implementing. He also met Zhao Leji, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress. Muizzu and First Lady of Maldives Sajida Mohammed also visited Huawei Beijing Convention Centre. Apart from this, the President of Maldives also visited Tiananmen Square.

However, if we look closely at Muizzu’s visit to China, one thing is clearly visible that he has given such an affidavit on behalf of Maldives to Jinping on behalf of Maldives, the things written on which will create new problems for that island nation in the future. If seen, the way Muizzu has surrendered before Xi Jinping on the lines of ‘Come bull kill me’, it can cause great harm to Maldives.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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