Want to see an important Tweet, but the daily limit is over? Check like this for free – tweet viewing daily limit over how to check new tweets for free


If you use Twitter then you must know that Twitter has released the tweet viewing daily limit. Under this, Twitter has set a limit for viewing tweets every day. The company’s former CEO Elon Musk had said that 600 tweets would be seen every day without the blue tick. Wherein, whose account is verified, they will be able to see up to 6000 posts every day. For those who have recently created an account on Twitter, the daily limit will be 300. But if your daily limit is over, then what you have to do, we are telling you here.

This limit is only for people who are logged in on Twitter. If you are not logged into Twitter, you will not be able to see any tweets. Those who do not use Twitter much, they will not be affected. But those who use it more can be affected by this limit. However, we can tell you a way that can help you see tweets even after the daily limit is over for free. Let’s know its method.

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Here’s how you can see tweets after you hit your daily viewing limit on Twitter:
This limit does not apply to the web version of Twitter. People who are seeing the error message on the mobile version of Twitter can check its web version. Talking about the new limit, Twitter Blue subscribers can view up to 10,000 posts every day. Whereas, those who have unverified accounts will be able to see up to 500 posts.

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