Weeds spread in the sports world, the player died due to heart attack on the cricket field


New Delhi (Best Hindu News)- A very bad news has come out from the cricket world. A player from Gujarat died while playing a cricket match. Whoever heard this news was stunned.

This case is related to Aravalli in Gujarat, where a 20-year-old youth lost his life after suffering a heart attack. The name of the player is being told as Parv Soni. According to the information, Parva Soni, a resident of Tirth Apartment of Govardhan Society in Deep area of ​​Modasa in Aravalli, became a victim of this accident. Parv Soni suffered a heart attack while playing a cricket match. Because of this he fell on the ground. Later he died. He was studying engineering. Hearing this news, the family members of Parv are in bad condition by crying.

Such news came from Gujarat even before
Earlier also similar news had come out from Gujarat. The GST employee died of a heart attack during a cricket match in Ahmedabad. That competition was taking place between the GST employee and the employees of the District Panchayat. While bowling, the health of the GST employee deteriorated and he fell on the ground. According to a report, within a month in Gujarat, 7 people have lost their lives due to heart attack.

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