West Bengal Tourist Destinations: Remains of British Raj are left here, explore these places by going to Barrackpore


West Bengal Tourist Destinations, Barrackpore Tourist Spot: Barrackpore is considered to be the first place where the British established their cantonment and later, spread their rule in India. Right from the beginning, it has been a place of great historical importance. Today it is one of the major tourist destinations of West Bengal and attracts thousands of Indian and foreign tourists every year due to its beauty and attractive tourist places. Barrackpore is often visited by tourists as well as historians and enthusiasts who are interested in getting information related to the British rule.

History of Barrackpore

The history of the origin of Barrackpore can be found in the writings of Greek navigators, geographers as well as historians of the 1st and 3rd centuries AD.
Coming to the Mughal period; Bengal was divided into sarkars (administrative sub-units) and each of these units was ruled by a mahal (palace). Interestingly, the name Barbakpur is also known as Barrackpore with a palace in Ain-i-Akbari.

Barrackpore tourist places

Mangal Pandey Park places to visit in Barrackpore

Mangal Pandey Park is one of the most famous tourist places located in Barrackpore. This beautiful park has been built in honor of Mangal Pandey who was the first nationalist to rise against the British oppression. He gave voice to his views and started an independence movement in Barrackpore. Unfortunately, he was hanged on April 8, 1857 by the British. A magnificent statue of him is the main attraction of the park situated in the park with verdant trees and flowers in bloom, which attracts tourists and country lovers in large numbers. Mangal Pandey Park is of immense importance from the historical point of view where travelers and local people visit this place to spend time in solitude and pay respect to Mangal Pandey.

Famous places to visit in Barrackpore Gandhi Museum

Gandhi Museum is a grand museum in West Bengal, which is one of the most prominent research centers in India. This museum of Barrackpore is spread over five galleries, a study center and a huge library. It is considered one of the largest museums in the country, in which information and artifacts from the entire life of Mahatma Gandhi have been presented. Apart from this, more than 800 photographs of freedom fighters have been installed here to honor them. The Gandhi Museum attracts a large number of tourists and history lovers, and books written by Gandhi are also available for tourists, which you can buy. Let us tell you that you can visit this museum on any day except Wednesday between 11 am to 5 pm without any entry fee.

Religious places of Barrackpore Tarakeshwar Temple

Tarakeshwar Temple is one of the most famous temples of Barrackpore as well as West Bengal. About 50 feet high and 25 feet wide, the Tarakeshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was built around the 18th century. Tarakeshwar Temple remains an important faith center for the local people. The Tarakeswar temple has two sections – the inner sanctum houses the linga of Lord Shiva, while the open verandah is used for seating for people gathered for religious worship. The temple, equipped with its exquisite marble floors and grand architecture, remains a center of attraction for devotees as well as tourists and art lovers.

Barrackpore Attractions Bartholomew’s Cathedral

Bartholomew’s Cathedral is one of the major tourist places of West Bengal belonging to the British rule, which attracts a large number of Indian and foreign tourists. Bartholomew Church was built in 1847 which was earlier known as Garrison Church. Due to the construction of Bartholomew Cathedral in the British period, the outline and design of the cathedral are similar to many churches in Britain, which remains the main feature of this church. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is one of the most popular and peaceful places in Barrackpore, which is often visited by tourists to pray to Lord Jesus Christ and spend some time in the pleasant atmosphere of the church.

Main temple of Barrackpore Kali Mandir

This temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is believed to have been built about 700 years ago, which today remains a major faith center of Barrackpore and a large number of devotees gather in the temple to worship Goddess Kali. It is believed that the founder of Calcutta, Job Charnock used to come here to worship Goddess Kali. The Kali temple holds a great place from the point of view of historical importance, as it is said that in ancient times people used to gather in the temple premises for worship of Goddess Kali as well as for important meetings and discussions.

Places to visit in Barrackpore Jawahar Kunj Garden

Jawahar Kunj Garden, located near Gandhi Ghat, is one of the popular and delightful tourist places of Barrackpore, which remains popular among tourists and locals due to its serene environment, colorful flowers and natural beauty. Where tourists often visit this attractive place to spend some time in solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have a picnic. A small calm pond is also situated in the middle of Jawahar Kunj Garden which makes this garden more charming. Jawahar Kunj Garden is one of the best places to visit in Barrackpore with your family.

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