What do Indians do the most on the phone? Report revealed – indian used phone for these service report revealed


Smartphone is an important part of our life. From searching on the phone to online payment, many works are done. However, for what work is the smartphone used the most? Vivo has released a research report about this, in which many revelations have been made. Let’s know about this in detail…

Most use of phone for utility bill payment

If we talk about the user activity on the smartphone, then the smartphone is mostly used for paying utility bills. According to the report, about 86 percent people pay utility bills through phone.

use phone for shopping

Whereas smartphones are used for online shopping by about 80.8 percent. The same 61.8 percent people use smartphones to order essential goods. While 66.2 percent people use smartphones for online service. Apart from this, 73.2 percent people use smartphones to order grocery items. 58.3 percent people use smartphone for digital cash payment.

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How many women and men use smartphones
If we talk about the ratio of smartphones, then about 62 percent of men have smartphones. While women lag behind in smartphone use. Only about 38 percent of women in the country have smartphones. If we talk about big cities and small cities, then metro cities are ahead in smartphone share with 58 percent. After this comes the number of non-metro cities with 41 percent.

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