What is Data Protection Bill? What will it change for you? Will the arbitrariness of social media companies end?


Personal Data Protection Bill 2023: The Union Cabinet has approved the draft Digital Personal Information Protection (DPDP) Bill, 2023. It will be introduced in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament. In the bill, it has been proposed to impose a fine of Rs 250 crore on the concerned unit in each case of violation of the rules. The monsoon session of the Parliament will start from 20 July. Almost all the provisions of the previous draft have been included in the bill. That draft was issued by the Ministry of Electronics and IT for consultation. Government departments have not been completely exempted in the proposed law. Citizens will have the right to claim compensation in the Civil Court. In case of disputes, the Data Protection Board will decide.

User consent required for personal data

Individuals will have the right to seek details regarding their data, its maintenance, etc. after the law comes into force. Once the law is enacted, many entities, both public and private, will be required to obtain consent from users to collect and process personal information. Personal data can be processed under this bill only if the individual has given consent for the same. Altogether about 21,660 suggestions were received on the draft and each of them was considered.

Bill aims to make companies accountable

The work on this bill started on August 27 last year after the Supreme Court’s order. The Bill aims to make entities such as internet companies, mobile apps and private companies more responsible and accountable regarding the collection, storage and processing of personal information of citizens under the ‘right to privacy’.

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