What is Janam Kundali telling about this Indian cricketer, know how the horoscope of captain Rohit Sharma will be.

Kundali of Rohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma Born 29 April 1987 Birth Time 12:00 Birth Place Nagpur. Rohit Sharma’s horoscope is of Cancer ascendant and Aries. Lagnesh, being in the first house, is sitting in the tenth house along with Mercury and Sun.

Ketu and Saturn of Virgo sign are sitting retrograde in the fifth house, while Rahu and Jupiter Venus are sitting together in the ninth house. Mars is in the fifth and tenth house and is sitting in Taurus in the eleventh house due to which Rohit Sharma is of very shy nature. They will have complete educational qualification.

Staying disciplined will be their thinking and will continue to remain disciplined. Rohit’s thinking will remain positive and he will get full energy of inner strength. This is the reason why he reaches his goal. There is always fear in the mind that some problem may arise. He appears to be a very clean person by nature. He formulates ideas in his mind and completes his work.

Know how is the planetary position of Rohit Sharma

Sun is of high zodiac sign in the horoscope. Sun is in the second house and is sitting in the tenth house in the horoscope. Mercury is sitting with him. Budhaditya Yoga is formed. Their focus is on the fourth house of the horoscope. Which will be better from social point of view. The effect of his speech will be good. People’s respect will remain intact. They will have better ability to lead the team. Sun is exalted and Jupiter is self-occupied. Venus is exalted and is also in Pisces. Born in the Mahadasha of Venus. The planetary positions in Rohit Sharma’s horoscope will make his initial life full of struggle. But Mahadasha of auspicious planets will continue, at that time it will be better for Rohit Sharma. At the time of his birth, Mahadasha of Venus was going on. Venus was in an auspicious position in Rohit’s horoscope. Mahadasha of Moon: Mahadasha of Moon started in Rohit’s horoscope from 02 January 2009. Moon’s Mahadasha continued till 02 January 2019.

Moon is sitting in the tenth house and its aspect is on the fourth house. Due to which he was successful in many of his plans. During this period, he made his name famous at the social and political level by joining Indian cricket. Due to his talent, Rohit achieved good position under this transit. Currently, the Mahadasha of Mars in Rohit Sharma’s horoscope will last from 02 January 2019 to 02 January 2026.

In Rohit’s horoscope, Mars is placed in the house of profit and in the house of friends. Mars is responsible for sports. Due to Mars, Rohit came to the sports field. After 2019, mental distress went away. Minor problems arose under this. Suffered from injury. Under this, Rohit will benefit from permanent property. Your position and prestige will increase at this time.

After the end of Saturn’s antardasha during the antardasha of Mars, he made a big contribution in Indian sports which will be better for his career. At present Muntha is in the eleventh house which will have a huge contribution in international cricket. People will like your game. Your image will improve in the sports world.

Rahu Ketu is changing its zodiac sign on 30 October 2023. After the change in the zodiac signs of these planets, Rohit Sharma will have to pay special attention to his career. Indians are leading the game and will have to work hard. Then the results will be better.

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