What is PK’s politics, why are the chief ministers of six states taking interest in Bihar’s politics


In the coming days, migration will also become an election issue in Bihar and when it becomes an issue, is it possible that any initiative should be taken to stop the migration? Only time will tell how effective this initiative will be, but it is certain that it is going to take a long time.

Prashant Kishor, who once raised the slogan ‘Bihar mein bahar hai, Nitish Kumar hai’ in support of Nitish Kumar, has nowadays started talking against Nitish Kumar. PK, who is making his political inroads through ‘Jan Suraj Yatra’, while taking on the central government, is also criticizing Nitish-Lalu. But in the same sequence, he describes Lalu as the messiah of social justice and also praises Nitish’s development model. Sometimes he speaks in favor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sometimes he openly criticizes him. In such a situation, it is bound to arise the question that what is the politics of PK? In which direction does he want to take Bihar? It is almost decided that PK will form his own political party in the coming days. And if they form a political party, then who will benefit and who will be harmed, this is also an important question. In a state like Bihar where there is no politics without caste, it will be more interesting to see whether the talk of caste-free politics will be acceptable to the people.

It will also be a difficult task for PK to explain to the people that why election strategist Prashant Kishor is today scathingly criticizing the Chief Minister in whose glory he was once singing praises? He will also have to tell that why has he become vocal against the BJP for which he worked to prepare the election strategy? Prashant Kishor has to understand that there is a difference between a professional election strategist and a professional politician (who never says that I am a professional). Although ‘Jan Suraj Yatra’ has been stopped due to health reasons, but it is expected to start again soon. As this journey progresses, it is certain that this journey will take the form of a political party. And it is obvious that when they will form a political party, they will also want their share in power, then they will have to face such stinging questions.

Since Prashant Kishor is expert in making election strategy. He has achieved success not only in Hindi states but also in non-Hindi states. Prashant Kishor has also been saying that the chief ministers of six states, in whose victory he played a role, are funding him. It can be inferred from this that when Prashant enters electoral politics, he will have no dearth of money. But hardly anyone can embrace this fact that this Chief Minister is selflessly funding Prashant Kishor. This question will definitely arise that why the Chief Ministers of these six states are funding PK to change the power of Bihar? What is the politics of Bihar for them? In the country’s electoral politics, which is running on the basic principle of apply one and get ten, this question will definitely arise that what returns do the Chief Ministers who do the funding want?

PK has been speaking out loud on the problem of migration and has also been cursing the political leadership of Bihar for this. PK is a Bihari himself and every Bihari finds the pain of migration unbearable. There is no doubt that this pain of migration must be hurting them too. But the six Chief Ministers he talks about (though he has never named these Chief Ministers, but those who understand can understand who are those Chief Ministers) Bihari laborers and other workers are serving in large numbers in those states as well. It is obvious that PK’s relations with these Chief Ministers will be very intimate and close. Those Bihari workers also have an important contribution in the development of those states. In such a situation, why can’t PK do the work of collecting some additional facilities for those Bihari workers by talking to those Chief Ministers? Why no initiative can be taken to improve the condition of these migrant workers?

In the coming days, migration will also become an election issue in Bihar and when it becomes an issue, is it possible that any initiative can be taken to stop the migration? Only time will tell how effective this initiative will be, but it is certain that it is going to take a long time. At present the truth is that stopping migration from Bihar is just like a daydream. Because everyone has done the work of baking bread on migration, but no concrete initiative has been taken by anyone to stop the migration. In the last few years, Nitish’s development model got so entangled in liquor ban that all the important things became secondary. Schemes like MNREGA remain paralyzed in the state. However, in Bihar in recent years gleaming roads have been built, on which buses from different states including Punjab, Haryana come rustling and take Bihari laborers full. Under the Mukhyamantri Saat Nischay Yojana, work on several schemes in the state is going on a war footing. But the contractors are not getting laborers to work in these schemes.

As a result, the contractors are calling Bengali and Bangladeshi laborers to Bihar. These laborers are easily available in Bihar these days on cheap wages. These days you will easily see Bengali and Bangladeshi laborers on road construction, building construction, tap water scheme and brick kilns. No one is taking any initiative in these contract companies to ensure that the local laborers get work and get proper wages. There are many employment opportunities in these small and big contract companies as well and these Bihari laborers are also working in similar contract companies in different parts of the country. If leaders like PK really want to remove migration from Bihar, then they will have to pay attention to these small things also because we all know that every drop fills a pond.

At present, the politics of PK has started attracting some youth. Intellectuals like some IAS, doctors and engineers have also been influenced by him. Despite this, I cannot expect that PK will play an important role in the politics of Bihar in the 2025 assembly elections or in the coming days. Because impressing common people is a more difficult task than impressing a politician. Yes, it is certain that if they form a party and enter the election field, they will definitely do the work of cutting votes. Whose votes will they cut, who will benefit and who will be harmed, only time will tell. At present, PK must be told that why the Chief Ministers of six states are funding him? Why are these chief ministers so interested in Bihar politics?

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