What is the intention of those who oppose Ram or Ram temple?

Shri Ram is the life element of the consciousness of Indian culture. The importance of the name Ram is discussed throughout Indian culture. Lord Shri Ram is not a means but an end. Shri Ram cannot be limited in religion, caste, place and time. Shri Ram has taught the entire Vasudha to follow the path of truth. Ram is the vital element of life. Ram has been important in Indian public life for centuries. Shri Ram is present in every particle.

Shri Ram is the power of the Indian nation. They are the source of national energy. He is both the body and mind of the nation. The divine power had descended on Indian soil in the form of Shri Ram. He was a bundle of complete human consciousness and sensitivity. Shri Ram had told the behavior of man to man. Taught man the art of transcendence and transcendence. Ram’s life is not a story with a beginning, middle and end. He is eternal, continuous, eternal and new.

Are eternal and universal. Living with Shri Ram and walking with him is like walking with some divine life flow. With that divine flow which is continuous, in which new water particles keep getting incorporated every moment, whose destination is the ocean which is limitless, limitations which are invalid. Ram is the source of daily new wave, daily new energy.

There is also a group in the country which opposes Shri Ram and Ram temple. This group includes politicians, political parties and so-called intellectuals. The important question to this group is, what is the intention of those who oppose Ram or Ram Temple? Are they really true to their beliefs? Do they have the courage to say that they completely reject Shri Ram? Is the philosophy of life associated with Shri Ram anti-national?

If Ram is not the fundamental element of India’s identity then what else is? If they do not want to answer these and other similar questions, and even if they answer, they do so in a lame tone, then it has to be said that they are all fearful people, greedy people. They are just traders of power. They have nothing to do with the beliefs, national traditions and inspiring men of folk life.

The essence of the character of this camp is that if they get votes in devotion to Shri Ram, then they will declare themselves as the only devotee of Shri Ram and if cursing Shri Ram is seen to create an equation of power, then they will have no interest in declaring Shri Ram a traitor. Will not hesitate. These people have also despised Gandhi’s Ramrajya and Hindu Swarajya, in whose name they have been making political money since independence. He is not a devotee of Lohia and Jaiprakash. For them, Lohia, Jaiprakash and Narendra Dev are the spices of political manipulation.

The depth with which Ram is embedded in India’s history and mythology, in India’s spiritual ideology and in the minds of its people, is itself a proof that India’s existence cannot be imagined without Ram. Ram is the nation, he is also the life of the nation. Ram is the state and also the ideal of the state. Ram is the people of India, he is also its well wisher, Ram is the omnipresent God and Ram is also Ramlala who appears physically in Ayodhya.

Many thousands of years ago, when the rulers in most parts of the world were mere conquerors, often barbaric, Rama displayed an exemplary spirit of humanity, sacrifice and justice. He is respected not because he was a conqueror of the outer world, he is a conqueror of the inner life because he does not waver in the face of adversity. Even after killing Ravana, there is no anger visible in his eyes, he comes to the dead body of fallen Ravana and repents for what he had to do. Amidst all the challenges in his life, he never loses his balance, never harbors bitterness or vengeance in his mind. He largely stays away from deceit or politics and is very cautious about misuse of his power. The equanimous Ram sets an example by living a life of integrity and self-sacrifice, ready to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of his subjects. Above all, in a culture that values ​​liberation, he is a symbol of freedom rising above negativity, selfishness and mediocrity.

The point is, Ram is a hero not because his life is perfect, but because he lives an extraordinary life. That is why he is called a man of dignity. And if Ramrajya is held up as an ideal, it is because it symbolizes a just state, not a dictatorship. Today we want to make India the same and that is why Ramayana continues to be relevant even today.

The character of Ram is proof that Indian society was never divided on the basis of caste and color. The entire society was woven with the fabric of brotherhood and fraternal love. Otherwise, Ram would never have been united with the forest dwellers like Hanuman, Sugriva, Angad, Nal-Neel, Jamwant.

Shri Ram is giving the message of unity, harmony and inviolability through his actions at every step. Ram’s eating of Shabari’s false hatred is the most amazing and best example of Ram’s undivided vision and great sense of harmony. In fact, in the rich tradition and culture of India, Lord Shri Ram is definitely the biggest symbol of social harmony. It is time to learn a lot from the life ideals of Lord Ram.

Ram’s acceptance remained for centuries because the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is the tradition of Ram. Ram is the crown of dignity. Ram is the standard of all good things in the world. Simplicity is Ram. A person himself cannot do anything without awakening to the teachings of Ram.

Today, when the same Shri Ram is again sitting in his birthplace Ayodhya with a new aura in his glory to see the realization of the concept of Ramrajya, the ideal of Indian politics, then I heard this message of destiny from India for the entire mankind and It must be told that Ram belongs to everyone, all people belong to Ram. He is the ideal of decorum, the basis of coordination, the salvation of the living being, the constant sound and lifesaver of life that is constantly being created and destroyed. Humanity can be satisfied and happy forever only by attaining the nectar of Ram always present within itself, there is no other way other than this. Ram is the cultural and spiritual icon of this country, as he is a symbol of stability, balance, peace, truth, purity, compassion and justice. We worship them because they possess the qualities necessary to build a great civilization.

Only by connecting with Ram can India achieve its national truth. It is another matter that India’s association with its national truth is difficult for some hypocrites. Their future goes awry. This is why they are afraid not only of Shri Ram but also of themselves. This country has to appear in the form of Ram, if not today or tomorrow. Shri Ram is the eternal power of this universe, he is not dependent on the manipulation of election results and power politics. The politics which will be connected to this eternal power will be the representative of the country, all the rest is deceit and self-deception. It is not possible for the country to achieve its desired goals without being associated with the good institutions of Shri Ram.

-Ashish Vashishtha

(The author is a senior freelance journalist)

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