What is the reason for softening on China? India’s compulsion or strategy? Know every detail – what is the reason for softening on china is this compulsion or strategy know every detail


The Modi government had banned about 250 Chinese apps in India. Also, the Huawei company was partially banned. Apart from this, India had kept distance from Chinese telecom equipment in 5G rollout. Along with this, the campaign to ban Chinese products continued. However, it did not directly get the support of the government. Overall, the government was seen to be strict about China and Chinese products. But now it seems that perhaps the Modi government has softened a bit against China. Let us know whether it is compulsion or is there a strategy?did anything change
Chinese e-commerce platform Shein is re-entering India. The Modi government has lifted the ban on Shein. Shein is an online fashion brand which was banned about 3 years back. However, now the company has partnered with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries subsidiary.
The Government of India has lifted the ban on many Chinese linked gaming apps including PUBG. Which were banned due to security amid tension on the border.
Huawei’s sub-brand Honor smartphone is getting re-entered in India. According to the report, the Honor brand smartphone will be launched in August 2023.

What is India’s compulsion
Indian government’s dependence on China has almost reduced. India has explored other options for products imported from China. Also, India is emphasizing on domestic manufacturing. Manufacturing of many products including Apple iPhone has started in India. Along with this, manufacturing of parts from chipset to smartphone is also being done in India. In such a situation, there can be no compulsion of India.

what is a strategy
Actually, India is using Chinese products as a strategy against the tension on the border and the encroachment of China. As it is known that there is peace on the Chinese border for the last few days. Also, China has retreated from some points. In such a situation, perhaps the government is being soft against the Chinese brand.

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