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Chinese President Xi Jinping, while delivering a speech at the Global Services Business Summit of the 2023 China International Services Trade Fair, said that the in-depth development of global services trade and service industry cooperation has the potential to “promote economic globalization, restore the vitality of the global economy. and has given a strong impetus to increase the resilience of world economic growth”.

The four key words of “openness”, “cooperation”, “innovation” and “sharing” emphasized by Xi Jinping once again urged the world to expand high-level openness and make the world benefit from the fruits of open development. Showed determination. In recent years, trade in services has become a new engine of global trade. The WTO estimates that by 2040, trade in services will account for 50 percent of global trade.

That’s why this year’s services trade fair attracted more than 2,400 offline exhibitors, including the world’s top 500 companies and more than 500 leading enterprises in the industry, which took place on 28 of the service trade top 30 countries and regions. Let’s cover.

According to data released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, China’s total import-export of services in 2022 will reach nearly 6 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world for nine consecutive years. Domestic and foreign exhibitors are actively participating in the exhibition, and they are looking forward to the new opportunities brought by China’s huge market and continuous industrial upgrading.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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