What was the opinion of the Punjabi media on the success of Chandrayaan-3?


Punjabi Jagran published from Jalandhar writes – This is certainly a great achievement of the new India of the 21st century. This in itself is a big ‘Make in India’ achievement. Now India has also joined the leading countries in the field of space exploration.

On August 23, ‘Vikram Lander’ of ‘Chandrayaan-3’ made a successful landing on the surface of the south pole of the moon. After this historic event, today India is present on that part of the moon on the strength of its own research and experiments, where no other country could reach. Punjabi newspapers have prominently expressed their opinion this week on the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 and this great achievement of India in space science.

Jagbani published from Jalandhar writes- On August 23, 2023, at 6.04 pm, the time was written in golden letters in the history of India, when the lander module of the ‘Chandrayaan-3 mission’ of the ‘Indian Space Research Organization’ (ISRO) landed on the Moon. The tough on the surface succeeded in making a soft landing at the South Pole for which the whole country was doing prayers and religious rituals. A few days ago, Russia tried to reach the south pole of the moon, but due to its spacecraft ‘Luna-25’ crashing after colliding with the surface of the moon, the importance of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission had increased even more and all The eyes of the world were on India’s mission.

The newspaper writes, ‘ISRO’ started its lunar exploration campaign with Chandrayaan-1. It was launched from Sriharikota on October 22, 2008 and lost contact with ISRO on August 30, 2009. On September 18, 2008, the then Manmohan Singh government approved the Chandrayaan-2 mission, which was sent into space on August 20, 2019 during the BJP government, but this mission failed at the last moment. After this, on July 14, 2023, at 2.35 pm Indian time, Chandrayaan-3 was sent, which created history by successfully landing on August 23 as per the pre-scheduled schedule. In this way, after Russia, America and China, India has become the fourth country in the world to land on the lunar surface and the first country in the world to land on its south pole. ‘Indian Chandrayaan-3’ is happening alive in the neighboring country of Pakistan as well. Commenting on this success of India, Pakistan’s former Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhary said, “It is a matter of pride for the entire subcontinent and a moment of pride for us as well.” Surely ISRO’s 17,000 scientists and The employees have not only made every Indian proud by making this mission successful with their dedication and hard work, but have also brought India to the forefront of space research, for which they deserve congratulations. It is hoped that in future also the scientists and employees of ‘ISRO’ will create history of success in their next solar mission ‘Aditya L-1’.

Punjabi Jagran published from Jalandhar writes – This is certainly a great achievement of the new India of the 21st century. This in itself is a big ‘Make in India’ achievement. Now India has also joined the leading countries in the field of space exploration. The newspaper further writes, when Russia’s Luna-25 mission failed and crashed before soft landing, everyone was worried about the landing of Chandrayaan-3. Russia’s failure where the whole world came to know about the challenges of this unique mission, also highlighted the importance of this lunar mission of India. Due to the failure of the Chandrayaan-2 mission in the year 2019, it was natural for everyone to be worried. According to the newspaper, although countries like America, Russia and China have made soft landing of their vehicles on the surface of the moon, but so far no country has been able to do this feat on the southern side. One can hope that this is India’s beginning and other cosmic explorations in space will not be beyond India’s reach.

To tell the truth, published from Sirsa, writes- The success of Chandrayaan in just 20 years is proof that India has no dearth of scientists. The newspaper writes, after conquering the moon, there will be countless opportunities for Indian scientists and ‘ISRO’. ISRO has already started earning money by launching satellites of other countries into space. For a long time, America’s space research center NASA has been the center of attraction for the whole world. Now ISRO has also come on the world map. Undoubtedly, now ISRO will also become a tourist destination. ISRO should get more financial support for the next projects so that scientists can carry out new discoveries with enthusiasm.

The Punjabi Tribune published from Chandigarh writes – This success is far-reaching and a milestone in the history of India and science. It is a moment of pride and honor for the entire nation. India is the first developing country to land on the moon. One of the important goals of ISRO is to establish a permanent research station in space. The newspaper further writes, successfully landing a probe on the lunar surface is a new beginning. This will yield important data that will provide insight into the formation and subsequent evolution of the universe. This will lead to progress in physics, mathematics, astronomy, space science and other fields of science and new horizons of research will also emerge.

Deshsevak published from Chandigarh writes- August 23 has become a day to remember for Indian science, present and future Indians. India’s space program has a long way to go. That’s why this day will be mentioned again and again in the coming decades. Young talents are already taking an interest in space science, writes the newspaper. The success of Chandrayaan-3 will definitely bring out very special results.

Aaj Di Awaz, published from Jalandhar writes- India and Russia, America, China are preparing to use the Moon as a base to go to Mars. It is being said that all the way to Mars will pass through the moon. Since the Moon is less distant from the Earth, it would be easier to launch Mangalyaan from the Moon and maintain communication with each other while on the Moon. Till now only the possibility of having water on the moon has been seen. In the southern part of the moon, water can be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen can be combined to make a powerful and clean rocket fuel. Rockets going to Mars can land on the Moon and get this oil from there. This moon water can also be used for agriculture. If so, then farming on the moon can give new life.

Apart from this, it is said that there are huge mines of precious metals like gold, platinum, titanium and uranium on the desolate land of the moon, writes the newspaper. Every country wants to accumulate more wealth through these precious metals. Apart from this, countries like America, China, Russia etc. want to strengthen their political fight with each other by strengthening their access to the moon. No country wants to be left behind in this matter. With its latest attempt to reach the Moon, India has also matched the US, Russia and China. This mission of Chandrayaan-3 is likely to benefit India in various fields.

-Dr. Ashish Vashisht

(The author is a freelance journalist)

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