What will happen to Indian sites if INDIA is replaced by India?

The removal of the name India can lead to many changes. There will be a big change in all the websites of the country.

These days there is discussion in the whole country to change the name of the country from India to Bharat. Regarding the special session of Parliament, once again the market of discussions in this matter has become hot. The official reason for this session has not been revealed yet. It is believed that the government may propose to rename the country as ‘Bharat’ in this special session.

In fact, the demand to change the name of the country from India to Bharat has been raised many times. At the same time, both these names are there in the constitution of the country, in such a situation many changes can be made by removing the name India. There will be a big change in all the websites of the country. All the websites which are working on .in domain can be converted.

However, this change of websites is still just an issue. Because, it completely depends on the country what it keeps its top level domain.

At the same time, all Indian websites or websites that have .in at the end, will they be closed after being named India? Let us tell you that the websites of all countries have a code at the end, like India’s IN. If India is there then Bh can be put at the end. In such a situation, the question arises that what will happen to the old domain?

Changing the name of any country also affects its top level domain. This will be affected by the decision for the country. A top-level domain is a two-letter domain that is associated with a country’s identity. Like America’s .us, Germany’s .de, but it will not be that easy.

What happens if I change the top level domain?

  • Many aspects have to be taken care of even when changing the top level domain of a country. First of all, what will be the effect of changing the domain name on the ranking of existing websites. Apart from this, how will this transition happen?
  • In this case, both top level domains will be available and considered during the transition. For this the old TDLs will be available and will be considered. For this the old TDL can be redirected to the new one. For this, the existing website owners will need time and this process will be gradual.
  • Domain owners in the country will have to update their domain names. If an owner changes the domain, then the URL, email address and other IDs of his website will change.
  • Wherein, in case of change of TDL, talks have to be done with International bodies and organizations. So that this migration can be made easily.

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