When does a third person enter between husband and wife? Expert told the real reason for extra marital affairs


What is extramarital affair

Experts say that this term is used for people who are married and have relationships with others other than their partner. This is likely to happen in both love and arranged marriages.

But here it is important to understand that extra-marital affair does not mean only sexual, if a person has an emotional connection or affair with someone other than his partner, then it is also counted in extra-marital affair.

What can be the reasons for extra marital affair

What can be the reasons for extra marital affair

Forced marriage- Many times boys and girls are not ready for marriage but they have to get married under the pressure of family members. In such a situation, the possibility of extra marital affair increases in the relationship.

Stress- In today’s world, due to high demanding careers and long working hours, stress has increased. For this reason, married people are unable to give time to their partner, which is a major reason for extramarital affair.

Child without planning- Many couples give birth to a child without planning because of ignorance or family pressure. In such a situation, their responsibility increases a lot which they cannot handle. And to relax themselves, they resort to affair.

Lack of these things leads to extramarital affair

Lack of these things leads to extramarital affair

lack of romance Couples who lack enthusiasm and romance between them choose the path of extra marital affair to keep themselves happy and to try something new.

bad physical relationship To keep the marriage relationship strong, it is very important to have good sex. The couples between whom this does not happen, they resort to affair to fulfill their sexual desire.

having emotional distance– The emotional relationship between many couples is not strong, and they feel very lonely even while being married. In such a situation, if any other person outside gives them emotional support, then they do extra-marital affair.

short of money
Lack of money is a common reason for quarrels between married couples. Because of this, sometimes a person starts looking for a partner who is financially stable.

For these reasons also married people do affair

For these reasons also married people do affair

Experts say that it can be known from the research done by scientists that, apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many such things, due to which extra marital affairs start.

This mainly includes things like the attraction of women towards extra-marital affair due to the husband being away for a long time and the husband having an affair to satisfy himself when the wife is pregnant.

how to save your marriage

how to save your marriage

According to experts, marriage is a very beautiful relationship, which needs to be handled very carefully. In such a situation, whatever may be the reason for extramarital affair, but it is not socially acceptable and it can become an important reason for breaking of marriage relationship.

That’s why married couples should keep talking openly about their problems and feelings from time to time.

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