When his father taunted him, he made a company worth Rs 2130 crore from a small shop, know the whole story of ‘Wow Momos’

Wow Momo Story: Who would have ever thought that one can earn up to Rs 6 lakh every day just by selling momos? Forget it, if we say that someone has made wealth worth two thousand crores by selling momos, will we believe it? If you really won’t, then meet Kolkata-based businessman Sagar Daryani, who turned an ordinary momo stall into a thriving business. Your hard work and dedication’Wow MomosEstablished a company named ‘. Now the annual turnover of that company is Rs. 2130 crores. However, this path was not so easy. Parents’ dreams, social pressure, financial constraints, experiments and planning like chutney made of many spicy, sour and sweet spices are associated with this Momo company. However, currently the estimated company earns around Rs 25 crore every month. Apart from this, the company’s two wings earn Rs 14 crore per month from Wow! China and Rs 3 crore per month from Wow! Chicken. The company currently has two production plant centers in India, in which about 10 lakh momos are produced every day. The company has so far collected funds of around $68.5 million through its efficient business plan.

Stall was started in 2008

Sagar Daryani set out on this grand journey from a humble beginning with his co-founder Binod Kumar. Sagar Daryani and Binod Kumar started the Momo business in 2008. His path was full of challenges in the initial phase. Sagar’s parents envisioned a different future for him, and asked him to pursue further education and pursue a traditional career. While completing his studies at St. Xavier’s College, Sagar’s decision to sell momos did not receive immediate approval from his parents. Nevertheless, he persisted and turned his modest idea into a thriving reality. During late night study sessions with Binod, Sagar would often order fast food like pizza and burgers from nearby eateries. It was during this time that he realized the untapped potential in the momos sector.

Started work with one table and two chefs

Both the founders of the company took the big step of launching their first Momo shop in 2008. With just a table and two chefs, they set off on their entrepreneurial journey and the rest is history. At that time his savings were only Rs 30,000. The first two years were full of challenges and struggles due to lack of funds. For marketing and advertising, Sagar wore Wow Momo T-shirts, turning himself into a walking advertisement. Putting in extra efforts, they started innovating in momo recipes to further expand their customer base. After the small momo stall became successful, Sagar and Binod adopted the franchise model and opened several additional stores. With a total valuation of Rs 2,130 crore, his journey is nothing but an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs. In the year 2023 alone, his company’s revenue increased from Rs 222 crore to Rs 400 crore. Currently, his business empire has around 800 outlets for sales. The company is planning to open 150 to 180 new outlets this year.

Creative style brought recognition

When the company was started, momos were being sold on every street corner in the market. In such a situation, Sagar Daryani and Binod Kumar, from the very beginning, planned to present momos in the market with a creative idea. Along with steam momos, showing creativity in it, they also started selling other varieties like tandoori momos, cockles momos, fried momos. This trick of Sagar worked and his shop flourished. Wow Momos The name started rising on people’s lips and crowds of people started gathering at the shop.

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