When Pakistan resorted to foul play in the match, a decision of Bedi caught the attention of the whole world.


Amritsar (Uttam Hindu News) – Left arm spinner Bishan Singh Bedi, a member of the dangerous spin quartet of the Indian cricket team in the seventies, passed away on Monday. He was about 77 years old. In the seventies, the spin quartet of Bedi, Erapalli Prasanna, Srinivas Venkataraghavan and Bhagwat Chandrashekhar was feared by the batsmen of the world. This spin quartet of India had single-handedly succeeded in turning the tide of many matches in favor of their team. There are many stories related to Bedi’s life. Bedi was the face of Indian cricket who not only shone with her performance on the field but also set an example with her leadership and never hesitated in expressing her views. From Indian soil as well as abroad, he entangled big giants in the trap of his flighted leg break.

Cricket lovers still remember his decision in the 1978 ODI match against Pakistan in Sahiwal. In this match, India needed to score 23 runs in the last 14 balls. Eight wickets were left. Here Bedi called back her batsmen and gave victory to Pakistan. Bedi was angry with the poor attitude of Pakistani bowlers and poor umpiring. Pakistani fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz had bowled four consecutive bouncer balls. Some of these balls went over the batsman’s head. Despite this the umpire did not give wide. The umpires were also from Pakistan. Bedi had said that the match was not being played in the proper spirit of the game, so she decided to recall the batsmen. PM Narendra Modi tweeted on Bedi’s demise. Modi wrote that the news of Bishan Singh Bedi’s demise is sad. His passion for cricket and his contribution to Indian cricket are significant. Bedi will continue to inspire the coming generations.

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