When Sudha Murthy gave money to NR Narayana Murthy to start Infosys, said that every wife should do this work secretly from her husband


How did Infosys start?

Sudha Murthy tells that husband Narayana Murthy started Infosys in 1981. We were then living in a rented apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. One day, he came to me and said that we should start a software company together with one of my friends.

We come from a middle class family and hence my first question was where will the money come from. He then gave a full speech on how India needs a software revolution. Then I asked what I would have to do, to which he said that for the next three years you would have to bear all the expenses of the house and support me as well.

Money given to husband to start company

Money given to husband to start company

When Narayana Murthy talked about starting a software company, he did not have any money. For this she took help from her husband Sudha Murthy. He said that you will have to give me money for the expenses for some time.

After which Sudha Murthy tells that she put ten thousand rupees in the hands of her husband. This was money she had deposited in a tin box without her husband’s knowledge. Out of this, 250 rupees were still kept hidden so that it could be useful in emergency.

sudha murthy gave advice to all married women

sudha murthy gave advice to all married women

Sudha Murthy says that every married woman should save some money without the knowledge of her husband. Sudha Murthy herself did exactly the same, that’s why today the name of Infosys is famous in the country and abroad. She also considers it as her best investment.

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