While getting wet in the rain, Rakhi Sawant broke 5 eggs on her head, said- please find a groom


Rakhi Sawant, who had expressed her grief over the increased prices of tomatoes, has now been seen breaking an egg on her head. This actress, known as Controversial Queen, is in Mumbai these days. She has returned from Dubai some time ago. As soon as she comes, she is in the headlines. Rakhi Sawant is once again looking for a new groom. After Ritesh and Adil Khan Durrani, now she wants to get married for the third time.

During paparazzi’s interaction, Rakhi Sawant bought 5 eggs and beat them on her head. She told the paps, ‘Baba has told me that if I break 5 eggs on my head, I will get a good husband. The one who will always stick to me like a magnet and our relationship will last forever. After this he also called Baba and asked on whose head those eggs should be broken? After this, Rakhi followed that on herself.

Rakhi Sawant breaks eggs on her head

Rakhi broke each egg on her head and said, ‘Please God give me a true husband who will not leave me.’ After this it started raining and the rakhi started getting wet in it. At the same time, she started cleaning her head, which had become dirty due to the eggs. During this she says, ‘The eggs stink. I need to wash my hair. I hope that God will fulfill my wish.

Rakhi Sawant is getting divorce from Adil

As you know that Rakhi Sawant married Adil Khan Durrani and now filed for divorce. Adil is currently in jail. But the actress was seen dancing on the drum. It was said that people dance by beating drums on marriages but she is doing so after getting divorced.

Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant upset with the price rise of tomatoes, questioned PM

Rakhi Sawant on rising tomato prices

Earlier, Rakhi Sawant was giving her opinion on the increased prices of tomatoes. Pretending to bang his head against the wall, he said, ‘Tomatoes, love, potatoes have become expensive. Green chillies have become expensive. I am thinking of buying a kheer and grow vegetables there. Not only this, he had also complained to the government, ‘Why has the government made tomatoes so expensive? Modi ji, I want to ask you why have you made tomatoes and onions so expensive?

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