Who is North Korea preparing to attack? This step of Kim Jong Un increased tension

North Korea is a country about which very little information comes out. The dictator here has imposed many restrictions. Meanwhile, news is coming that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has visited the country’s important weapons production centers, including factories manufacturing artillery and launch vehicles for nuclear-powered ballistic missiles. After this news came to the fore, many kinds of speculations have started being made. The dictator resolved to make efforts to equip his army with modern weapons and to speed up the preparations related to the war.

Let us tell you that this three-day visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has happened at a time when the US and South Korea are ready to start the next phase of joint military exercises this month to deal with the growing threat of North Korea. Tension is being seen in the Korean Peninsula due to North Korea’s missile test and US-South Korea joint military exercises. Kim is seen calling these military exercises as an attack exercise.

Will North Korea supply arms and ammunition to Moscow?

Some experts believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visits to weapons factories may be linked to possible military cooperation with Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has appealed to other countries to cooperate in the war against Ukraine, under which North Korea may be thinking of supplying arms and ammunition to Moscow.

Inspection of an unknown cannon manufacturing factory

According to North Korea’s official ‘Korean Central News Agency’, Kim Jong Un emphasized the “important responsibilities and functions of the factory in North Korea’s war preparedness” during an inspection of an undisclosed factory producing large-caliber artillery. Gave. According to KCNA, Kim praised the factory’s efforts to take “scientific and technological steps” to improve the quality of rounds, shorten the manufacturing period of propellant tubes, and speed up manufacturing, but added that new types of rounds have not been developed. Also stressed the need for

Increasing the supply of vehicles to the army is a top priority

At another factory, Kim said increasing the supply of vehicles to the military is a top priority and praised the workers for laying a “solid foundation” for production. Kim also visited a small arms factory and stressed the need to upgrade the weapons being used by the soldiers. In view of the increasing confrontation with America and South Korea, Kim is trying to strengthen his partnership with Russia and China. Along with this, he is challenging the efforts to isolate himself diplomatically and is trying to join a united front against America.

Kim Jong Un shares stage with delegations from Russia, China at military parade

Let us tell you that last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shared the stage with a delegation of senior officials from Russia and China during a military parade in the country’s capital Pyongyang and demonstrated nuclear-capable missiles and powerful weapons. During this, Kim watched the parade along with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and China’s ruling party official Li Hongzhong from the balcony of the building located on the city’s main square. According to the media, thousands of people gathered in the streets, shouting slogans at the sight of soldiers, tanks and vehicles carrying giant inter-island ballistic missiles on the main road.

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