why do indian bride throw rice at her vidai know the importance of chawal fekne ki rasam


How is the ceremony of throwing rice

The rice-throwing ceremony is performed by the bride at the time of her departure, when she is leaving her maternal home and leaving for her in-laws’ house. At this time a lady of the house brings a new plate of rice in front of her, from which the bride has to pick up the rice with both her hands and throw it backwards over her head.

This has to be done five times without looking back. During this, the girl’s mother and other women stop the rice thrown in their zenith from falling down. Which is later kept safely in the house.

Why is the ritual of throwing rice done?

Why is the ritual of throwing rice done?

In Hindu religion, girls are considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. In such a situation, when she leaves her maternal home after getting married, she leaves in the form of rice giving her blessings, wealth and prosperity to her family. That’s why this rice is stored well.

Apart from this, the bride also throws rice over her head to protect the maiden from the evil eye. One of the meaning of this ritual is that the bride expresses her gratitude to her family for all the love, respect and all the happiness that she has received from her family so far.

Why is rice only thrown at weddings?

Why is rice only thrown at weddings?

Rice is a major part of Indian food. Due to its basic life-sustaining properties, rice is also considered a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and fertility. It is believed that it keeps negativity away, so rice is sprinkled in all auspicious functions including marriage, worship.

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