Why does Salman Rushdie remain scared and nervous? Why do you wake up screaming after having bad dreams?


The things we are telling you about Rushdie have been revealed by him himself in an interview given to BBC. Rushdie has revealed for the first time how he has “horrific dreams” since the deadly knife attack in New York last August.

Renowned author Salman Rushdie has been deeply involved with controversies as much as he is known for his writings. Because of this, he is seen as a criminal in all Islamic countries, but Rushdie never bothered about this. He is firm in his thoughts, writing and his intentions and is living a life of luxury in London. However, the fatal attack on him during his visit to America last year has completely changed his life. The situation has become such that Rushdie, who used to talk big in his books and in his speeches, now lives in fear, trembling and nervous. Rushdie has nightmares and wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. The fatal attack has made such a deep impact on his mind and brain that he is unable to recover and is constantly taking the help of psychiatrists.

Salman Rushdie himself disclosed

The things we are telling you about Rushdie have been revealed by him himself in an interview given to BBC. Rushdie has revealed for the first time how he has “horrific dreams” since the deadly knife attack in New York last August. Let us remind you that the author had lost sight in one eye in the knife attack and is now taking medical help to deal with the mental after-effects of the incident. Those keen to know about Rushdie’s health should see the Booker Prize-winning author, 76, given an interview with the BBC.

Rushdie’s opinion of the attacker

When the interviewer asked him if he would attend the trial of the attack on him, he said that if the assailant pleads guilty, there will actually be no trial, only punishment, and that too. Maybe then my presence will not be needed. He said that I am in a dilemma about this. One of my mind really wants to go and stand in the court and see it, while the other mind wants to get involved in all these complications. He said he was “indecisive” about whether he should confront his assailant, who has pleaded innocence in court. He has said that I have very good doctors from whom I am taking advice because I have nightmares.

British-American novelist and author of famous book like ‘Midnight’s Children’ Salman Rushdie has also said in this interview that my opinion about the attacker is not very good. He has said that I think what is important for me now is how to take life forward. I am moving ahead with this thought.

The danger was already looming!

Let us remind you that the attack on Rushdie took the world by surprise, but given the hatred with which he is viewed in the Islamic world, everyone expected that he might one day be targeted. In fact, Iran’s then (now late) supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khamenei had issued a fatwa to sentence Rushdie to death regarding Rushdie’s book “The Satanic Verses”. Similar reactions were expressed by many other Islamic countries and Islamic leaders.

details of attack

Last year, Rushdie was fatally attacked by 24-year-old Hadi Matar when he arrived in New York to attend an event. Rushdie was attacked when he was about to begin his address at an event in New York. Reports emerged that the assailant was in contact with Iran’s ‘Revolutionary Guard’ but later denied this during questioning, saying he acted alone in the attack on Mumbai-born author Salman Rushdie. Not only this, the attacker also expressed “surprise” at the survival of the writer in the attack and said that he does not like him. Jailed Hadi Matar told the New York Post in a video interview that he was shocked to hear the news that Rushdie had survived the attack. She said that when she learned from a tweet that the author would be visiting the Chautauqua Institute, she decided to go there. Matar told the newspaper that I don’t like this person because I don’t think he is a very nice person. He said that Rushdie was someone who attacked Islam, attacked our faith. Matar said he considered Iran’s late Supreme Religious Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khamenei a “very nice person”, but would not say he was following any fatwas issued by Khamenei in Iran in 1989.

How much damage?

Let us also tell you that due to the injuries of the attack, Rushdie’s liver was damaged, he lost the vision in one eye and his hand was paralyzed due to nerve damage in his hand. Rushdie is now writing a book about the incident and his recovery. In an interview given digitally to the BBC, he revealed that the book would be no longer than “a few hundred pages”. It remains to be seen what other experiences and nightmares he mentions in his book.

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