Why Foxconn’s decision will not affect India’s semiconductor goals, know the inside


New Delhi : Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, took a big decision on Monday. The company has exited its joint venture with Vedanta for chip manufacturing. Vedanta and Foxconn signed an agreement a year ago. Under this, a semiconductor and display production plant was to be set up in Gujarat. Some believe that this has dealt a blow to India’s dream of becoming self-sufficient in semiconductors. However, the government maintains that Foxconn’s decision to exit the JV will not impact India’s semiconductor fabrication plant target. Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said this.

Won’t affect our goals

“Foxconn’s decision to pull out of JV with Vedanta will have no impact on India’s semiconductor fab goals,” Chandrasekhar tweeted. Chandrashekhar wrote in a tweet, ‘The government has nothing to do with whether two private companies want to work together or not. But in simple words it means that both the companies can now independently pursue their strategies in India. They will move forward with the right technology partners in Semicon and Electronics.

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both had no previous experience

It is well known that both the companies had no prior experience or technology of Semicon. They expected to get fab tech from the tech partner. Their joint venture VFSL originally proposed the 28 nm fab. But they could not bring a suitable tech partner for that proposal.

Now came the proposal of 40 nm

The minister said, “Vedanta through VFSL has recently proposed 40 nm supported by a Tech Licensing Agreement with a Global Semicon Company. Which is currently being evaluated by the Semicon_India Tech Advisory Group.

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