Why insurers are staying away from adventure sports know details


New Delhi: The economy is changing since the Corona pandemic. People are now increasingly moving towards adventure sports. The number of fans of adventure sports has increased. The movement of people had stopped during the Corona period. People were in homes for a long time. Now, after the Corona period, people are traveling a lot. Along with traveling, people are also connecting their trips with adventure sports. There is also a lot of risk in adventure sports. Insurance companies that are always on the move to cover multiple risks are staying away from adventure sports. Insurance companies are reluctant to cover adventure sports. It has kept distance from the companies. However, some insurance companies provide cover to adventure sports enthusiasts under term insurance. But most companies are far from it.

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Because of this insurance companies are away

Adventure sports account for about 20 per cent of the entire travel segment in the country. However, even after this, insurance companies are lagging behind in bringing new insurance plans for this fast growing adventure sports. Some companies have come out with adventure sports travel insurance policies in the past.

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Companies repented from this sports

It was designed keeping in mind the adventure sports enthusiasts. This policy provides assistance to the insured in case of injury, illness and unforeseen circumstances like accident or death in adventure sports such as zip lining, para-gliding, kite wing, scuba diving. Although the way of companies is different in this. In adventure sports travel insurance, some companies get the customer’s physical examination done. However, most companies are not offering this type of insurance. She is avoiding it. Some companies which are also giving this insurance do not include more deadly sports like dirt biking, glacier climbing etc. in their policy.

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