Why is it important to turn on Airplane Mode in flight? The reason will surprise you – why you should not use phone during flight and what is airplane mode


If you often travel by flight, this news is very important for you. Before boarding a flight, you have to turn off all your electronic devices or put them in airplane mode. But many times people refuse to do so and keep talking on the phone even a few seconds before the plane takes off.

Cabin crew usually ask passengers to switch off their phones or put them on airplane mode but many do the same. Recently an incident has come to light in which a person refused to listen to the cabin crew. Even when the flight was ready to take off, he kept talking on his phone. The person was then asked to deboard the flight.

According to a report, 45-year-old Suranjit Das Chaudhary was traveling to Kolkata by Alliance Air. Even when the flight was getting ready to take off, he was talking on the phone. When he even refused to listen to the cabin crew, it was considered a violation of safety protocol. There were 10 more people with Chaudhary who said that they would not travel without Chauthari.

According to sources, when this incident happened, the flight was already flying but the pilot landed the flight so that the passengers could be disembarked. Then these people were handed over to the police. However, no complaint was filed against him and he was allowed to go home.

Why should flight mode be turned on in the plane?
Signals emitted from electronic devices can spoil the communication process of the flight. Electronic devices that have cellular connections produce radio waves as well as electromagnetic interference. This causes problems in the flight signal due to which the pilot has to connect to some ground support staff or air traffic control. Due to this, devices should be switched off during flight or flight mode should be turned on.

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