Why Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu saying thanks to Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia and Israel, the two arch-enemies, are now coming closer. Recently, such an incident has happened between the two countries after which Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has thanked Saudi Arabia. On Monday, a plane was carrying Israeli citizens home from Seychelles. It had to make an emergency landing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On Tuesday it flew back to Tel Aviv. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Saudi Arabia when a plane carrying civilians landed safely in Tel Aviv. Israel has described this incident as a symbol of goodwill. This comes at a time when the US is working to establish formal relations between the two countries.

what did netanyahu say
Israeli PM Netanyahu has made a deal with Saudi Arabia a major goal. He highlighted this incident to highlight the potential for better relations. Releasing a video, he said, ‘I greatly appreciate the soft attitude of the Saudi authorities towards the Israeli passengers whose flight was in trouble.’ Netanyahu further said, ‘I appreciate good neighborliness very much.’ This video was recorded in Hebrew with Arabic subtitles. An Air Seychelles flight with 128 passengers on board was forced to land on Monday due to a power failure.

No ban on Israeli flights
The Israeli Foreign Ministry said the passengers spent the night at an airport hotel in Jeddah and were flown back by the airline on a second plane. Tracking data from FlightRadar24.com has revealed that an Air Seychelles Airbus A320, flight HM22, was diverted to Jeddah on Monday night over the Red Sea. There has been no response from the airline on this. A second Air Seychelles A320 flew from Dubai to Jeddah on Tuesday to pick up passengers and take them to Tel Aviv. In July 2022, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on flights to Israel during the visit of US President Joe Biden.

Passengers surprised by the welcome

Passengers later began exiting Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The passengers were surprised to see reporters, photographers and balloons welcoming them at the airport. In interviews with Israeli media, passengers said their experience in Jeddah was pleasant. Some Saudis also congratulated him in Hebrew. He said, ‘The reception we got from the Saudi people was amazing.’ A passenger told Radio 103FM: ‘He told us ‘you are most welcome’ and was smiling. Seriously, we were not expecting this. There has been no response from Saudi Arabia on this yet.

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