Why married men find other’s wives wonderful in front of their wives, this is the reason


relationship boredom

Men’s mind is very fickle, if they don’t enjoy something, they immediately distance themselves from that thing. But due to the compulsion of being in a married relationship, he is not able to do the same with his life partner. But he makes her feel all the time that she is not happy in her marriage. At this point, he finds everyone’s wife wonderful except his wife.

quarrel with wife on everything

quarrel with wife on everything

Your life is right man, your wife is so straight…! Every man wants that he should always live according to his mind. He doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

But when Tej gets his wife, then all the happiness and peace of men comes to an end. They start liking the wives of such people, who are submissive to their husbands. Can’t dare to ask about his right and wrong deeds.

when the wife doesn’t care

when the wife doesn't care

Every husband wants his wife to take care of his every likes and dislikes. But when it doesn’t happen, he starts pulling away from her emotionally. And when he sees this thing in other’s wives, he cannot stop himself from praising them.

unfulfilled desire

unfulfilled desire

Every person has an image of his life partner in his mind. He always wishes to get the one, but it is not necessary to get the same person in real life.

In such a situation, a person learns to be satisfied with what he gets. But when he sees those qualities in someone else, he cannot stop himself from admiring them. So if your husband admires some other woman too much, it is very likely that he always wanted this type of girl for himself.

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