Will Congress’s victory strengthen opposition unity?


Congress in Karnataka The victory of the party has blossomed because this bumper victory is being considered very important for changing the political direction of the country in the coming days. This victory means a lot for the Congress because the party’s performance in almost the entire country in the last decade has been very poor and the Congress has been wiped out from most of the states. At present, Congress-led UPA is in power in only six states and in that too only Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have Congress government on their own, in which elections are due in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh this year and in Rajasthan there is internal party tussle. The way the battle is being fought openly on the streets, winning Rajasthan can be a big challenge for the party. In the past years, Congress’s image has suffered a lot due to the continuous decrease in its mass base and that is why the parties involved in the efforts of opposition unity against BJP were not able to openly trust Congress, but now after winning Karnataka, they are facing the crisis of existence. The Congress has got a respite, due to which its confidence will increase against the BJP in the coming elections and it will definitely try to take advantage of this in the upcoming assembly elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, besides this, the opposition parties’ trust will also be towards the Congress. Will grow

With the loss of the only stronghold of South India from the hands of the BJP, the possibilities of new challenges arising for the BJP especially in South India have increased. In fact, the BJP was slowly trying to increase its base in the South Indian states and it seemed to be successful somewhere, but after the party’s crushing defeat in Karnataka, the BJP now has to face more losses in the five assembly elections to be held this year. Emphasis will have to be made and in view of the Lok Sabha elections, a new strategy will have to be made for the states of South India so that the party can overcome this big blow before the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP was able to capture only Karnataka’s power in the south and it hoped that by capturing Karnataka alone, it could make inroads in other states of South India as well. From this point of view, the Karnataka assembly elections were very important for both Congress and BJP and the eyes of the whole country were focused on it. While the Congress got 136 seats with a record majority in the election results, the BJP was reduced to just 65 seats, less than half of its tally and JDS’s dream of becoming the kingmaker was also shattered by securing only 19 seats. Though both the BJP and the Congress contested the election with full gusto, both the parties tried their level best to woo the voters. Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Mallikarjun Khage along with local senior leaders, Sonia Gandhi was also active in the election campaign on behalf of the Congress, while the Prime Minister did 22 rallies in the last phase of the election campaign, but Karnataka won Congress was successful in winning. Despite the strong election campaign done by the Prime Minister, BJP’s reduction to 65 seats somewhere raises questions on BJP’s strategies.

It is believed that the Lingayat vote bank was split due to the neglect of Yeddyurappa, Karnataka BJP’s strongman during the election and this also cost the BJP heavily. BJP’s election strategists believed that it could cross the electoral divide with the help of religious polarization by linking Bajrang Dal with Bajrang Bali by highlighting controversies like Bajrang Dal, but its bet backfired and especially Muslim voters rallied in favor of Congress. The Prime Minister’s loud rallies and aggressive election campaign also did not work for the BJP. Despite his fiery election campaign, the BJP had to bear the brunt of the anti-incumbency wave in the state. Due to the weakening of JDS due to infighting in Karnataka, the election had become Congress vs BJP and the Congress got direct benefit due to the shift of vote bank of JDS towards Congress. There were many important reasons for the victory of the Congress in Karnataka, in which it was useful for the party to strongly raise issues like corruption, crime and inflation directly related to the public. The Congress has been attacking the BJP government by running a campaign of ’40 percent government’ strongly targeting the corruption in BJP’s Bommai government. Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ also played a major role in the party’s victory, which passed through 51 assembly seats in 7 districts of Karnataka. The way the Congress high command maintained the unity of the Congress during the elections, brought many rebel leaders of the BJP into its fold, State President DK Shivakumar along with former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took over the entire reins of the election management and the party high command devoted its whole life to the campaign. Such election management became a major reason for the victory of the Congress. The Karnataka victory will further strengthen the position of Mallikarjun Kharge within the party, who worked hard to deliver a bumper victory for the party in his home state, while also having a positive impact on Rahul Gandhi’s image within the party and among voters. Will have to

Assembly elections of five states are to be held this year and Lok Sabha elections are to be held next year, in such a situation, it is expected that Congress will enter these elections with confidence, the effect of which can be seen in these assembly elections. The opposition parties like SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, JD-S, Trinamool Congress etc. who were not yet ready to place any bet on Congress in the politics of the center, in view of the 2024 Loksabha elections after Congress’ big victory in Karnataka It will not be easy for the opposition parties trying to form a third front to ignore the Congress. Some analysts believe that most of the opposition parties active in the politics of the center may now be ready to stand behind the Congress and this victory of Karnataka will give new strength to the opposition unity.
Yogesh Kumar Goyal

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