Will the phone be fast with more RAM? How many GB is best, know what experts say – how many gb ram will best for smartphone know experts advice


Smartphones with more GB are in vogue in the market. Smartphone companies are offering RAM from 18 to 20 GB. OnePlus claims that it is bringing the maximum smartphone with 24 GB RAM. All companies claim that more GB RAM will make the phone faster. However, do these claims really have merit.Will the phone be faster with more RAM?
Many things are important for the performance of any smartphone. RAM is a part of it. Yes, it is true that more GB RAM can make the phone faster. Because the phone has more space for apps and other work.

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How many GB will be best?
The question arises that the phone with how many GB RAM is the best? So experts believe that RAM depends on the usage of your phone. If you use more apps in the phone, then more GB RAM is required. Otherwise work will be done in less GB RAM. Generally 8 to 12 GB RAM will be best.

important role of processor
The processor is responsible for all the functioning of the smartphone. If the processor of the phone is good, then the performance of the phone is going to be good. At present, the octa-core chipset is considered the best. Also, the latest generation chipset should be used in the phone.

software update
Latest software also becomes necessary to make the phone fast. Because this software comes with the latest technology support. There are currently two types of software available in the market, Android and iOS. It has the latest Android 13. While the latest iOS is 16 for iPhone.

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