Wimbledon 2023 Men’s Single Final: Wimbledon’s new star ‘Carlos Alcaraz’


Pudhari Online Desk : In the final match of the Wimbledon Grand Slam men’s singles, Spain’s top seed Corrales Alcaraz defeated veteran Novak Djokovic 1-6, 6(6)-7, 6-1, 3-6, 6-4. The 20-year-old Alcaraz has proved himself to be the new star of Wimbledon with excellent tennis performances. This is his second Grand Slam winning title. Earlier in 2022, he would have put his stamp on the American Open tournament. For five sets, or for both the players to play in the final match, the tennis lovers thought of Jinkali.

first set one sided

Samanya’s first set was one sided. In this, Djokovic made three consecutive service breaks of Carlos Alcaraz. And he won the first set 6-1. (Wimbledon 2023 Final)

Alcarajchi won in the second set

In the second set, Alcazar lost his first serve. Also young Alcaraz took a 2-0 lead in the second set by breaking the serve of experienced Djokovic Khelwat. Excellent back hand and fore hand performance by both of them. Trailing 2-0 in the second set, Alcarajchi’s serve was broken by a pair of excellent shots and he leveled his serve at 2-2. After this, Alcaraz was 5-4 in the lead as Djokovic, who experienced 6-6 in the second set. This led to the set being played in a tiebreaker. In this, both of them competed with each other and displayed excellent sportsmanship. In the tiebreaker, Alcarajne won 6-8 such games and won the second set in the match.

3rd set

In the third set, in the first game, Alcaraj broke Djokovic’s serve and took the lead. The fifth game in the third set lasted 27 minutes. Alkraj took a decisive 4-1 lead after eight break points. In the third set, Djokovic lost his grip and lost his steady grip due to which Alcaraj lost his confidence. Maintaining his lead, Alcaraj won the third set 6-1 and won the second set.

Djokovic’s strong comeback in the fourth set

Djokovic made a strong comeback in the fourth set by breaking Alcarajchi’s serve. Djokovic broke the service and took a 4-2 lead. In this, she showed excellent performance in back hand and fore hand and won the set 6-3 in the match.

fifth set alcarajchi navavar baji

The final tournament of Wimbledon 2023 was drawn in the fifth set of Samanya. In the second set, Alcazar was defeated by veteran Djokovic 6-3.

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