Wimbledon: ‘Until a dream, young Djokovic feels like playing Wimbledon’


London; Uday Biniwale: Feels like still dreamy, young Novak Djokovic playing Wimbledon! Vikramveer, the best great tennis emperor, Djokovic Yache. In the 136th Wimbledon tournament, many world famous players interacted with sports critics. (Wimbledon)

Novak Djokovic, the 24th Grand Slam winner, had a heart-to-heart conversation. Novak said, ‘Let’s go here several times. The special joy of playing Wimbledon is tar hotoch, paan abhimanhi watto. Still here is Yetana Mala, a young, young tennis player who dreams of playing Wimbledon. 23 Grand Slam Jinkoonhi Mala Thakalyasarkhte Nahi Watat Nahi. Aaj mala kitab jincaye hai. The hunger for the title is still there. As long as the success is maintained, keep playing in high competition.’ (Wimbledon)

He boasted about the young, hard-working Spanish player Carlos Alcarez. Novak said, ‘In twenty-eight years, he has achieved historical success by achieving great fame. So play with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. A decent player and off the field also his behavior would have been ideal. Carlos’s future is bright.’

Second seeded women’s player Erina Sabalenka said, ‘Yethe khelne liyeke me aatur aur kahishi emotional jhali aahe. The aim is to play one’s best and not to set any hope or any specific goal. The intermediate season comes with a little rest and is ready for the big events.’ Belaruschaya Sabalenka will not express any opinion or comment on any political issue or scam.

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